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Book Bites: An Ode to Penguin

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The title on my current name card says, “Genre Fiction Writer. Brand Communicator.” I managed to learn lessons on both with this event organised by Books Actually.

The Penguin Books have been around since I could remember, I often remembered their other brands like Puffin and Pelican books as well. To make an Ode to Penguin, local bookstore Books Actually held an exhibition on Penguin through the years.

Avarielle, Sarah and myself headed down on the last day to take a look.

Books Actually is no stranger to events at the Arts House but they always had little surprises up their sleeves. So you can imagine the awe when we entered and saw this:

The entrance blog.
The crest of the Penguin!

So being the Adventure Crew, we took the tour around the exhibit and learnt a few things:

– The different birds (Puffin, Pelican, Peacock, Eagle etc…) were formed to represent different types of books (Non-Fiction, Journals, Autobiographies etc…) –

The board of Penguin Art =)
The variety of birds.
Pelican’s range of books.

– Some cover designs were used to “brand and profile” various authors. Which struck me: Interesting way to brand authors =) –


– Various design series came from either different designers, artists or movements. World War II related books had a red design. Food Narratives had cover designs that tweaked the title into kitchen utensils. Eco-Friendly movements had the books in green. –

My Crimey-Wimeys (?!)
Food-related/ Food Narratives

– Penguin has limited edition books that can go beyond $7,000. I freaked at Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” –

Hee =)
Crime & Punishment

– The signature Penguin design is actually known as the Marber Design. It was designed to standardise publications and has been around since I could remember. –

Art galleries have their charm and their charming exhibits. But I felt that this exhibit did not only inspire but also brought back memories from our childhood as we spotted titles we read as children (MOOMIN!!!) and designs we came to associate with covers of stories we know will be great.

Kudos to BooksActually on this splendid exhibition!

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