Muse Moment

Muse Moment: Silent Clatter

Muse Moment

As promised, one of the poems I read during the Moving Words Open Mic session – Silent Clatter. Enjoy.

Silent Clatter

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

My eyes bored into the screen.
And in the midst of aimless clicking,
My mind is lost in wonder.

Images zoom in, fading,
Colours continue splashing loudly,
As I go on, processing.

They tell me all the same things:
“When a door closes, others open.”
How? I only see windows.

I search for inspiration,
“They don’t come easy,” a voice sounded,
“You can only search so far.”

Despite constant believing,
My fingers stretch out, only to type
The words I can merely force:

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…”

The rest is up to your own interpretation. =)

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