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Book Bites: “It’s an Open Mic, you can say whatever you like”

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The above was a quote from impromptu emcee for the first half of the session, Ng Yi-Sheng.

Avarielle, Joyce and myself made our way to 15Minutes Cafe at LASALLE School of the Arts for the Moving Words Open Mic session – a side event for the Moving Words Competition, organised by Moving Words and The Literary Centre.

There were already a few people at 15Minutes when we arrived so we took a snug table at the back of the lower floor, where the stage was. At this point, we ran into Sabrina and Shafik (poly mates from different years) as well.

Waiting over 4 cheese pizza and a salad in a jar (Taco Steak – delish and cute!), a good number of guests arrived before the event got started. The emcee, Alvin Pang, was stuck in traffic for a while so Ng Yi-Sheng got the ball rolling.

The people who went up on stage came from a variety of places – Eric Valles was there (XiangHao’s colleague from NUS High), so was Leonard Ng (he reads poem in this really awesome manner) as well as a few students (we think), Miriam Nash and Pooja Nansi (with her guitar). Joyce, Sabrina and I had a few poems to read ourselves – no fancy feedback or mixing after that but I felt it was the experience of being up there.

I went up 4th (despite filling my name quite low on the list) but I guess Yi-Sheng wanted to mix the line around. Joyce went up after Alvin made his entrance and recited a short, cute one about her little girl called “Starstruck”. But I think the highlight was when the last poet went up and recited a poem in Cantonese.

*my half-past-six shaken Cantonese hangs its head in shame*

Nonetheless, it was quite cool going up on stage for a poetry recital. Thanks Avarielle for the nice pics =)

Giving an introduction. Photo courtesy of Avarielle.
Reading… Photo Courtesy of Avarielle.

I read two poems. One of which I wrote for this called “Silent Clatter” (Will post it next Book Bites =)). Another I wrote and submitted to CERIPH so hopefully it goes through.

Also, entries for the Moving Words Competition ends on the 15 July 2011, enter your poem here and stand to win an iPad 2 or Books Actually vouchers!

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