Weekend Missions: Flying, Climbing, Speeding down the slope

We’ve waited so long for this! (And that’s all I’m going to say before I get down to the good stuff)


Avarielle, Sarah and I met at Vivocity before heading here. Since Sarah wanted to be early to have a spot of brekkie, we entered iFly as one of the earlier people. Sarah registered (because she was the only one who booked) while Avarielle and I went to the viewing deck (we were broke people).

Before Sarah were two other groups. Each “flyer” went into the controlled air tube area to a waiting instructor, who would then hold onto and guide them as they went through the sky-diving experience within the tube. Each group went for two rounds after their training at Sky Base (a place only accessible to people who were going to “fly”.

Sarah’s group only had about five people – herself, a family on tour and another person who was there for the Adventure Package (4 skydives, 1:30 minutes each).

All suited up and ready to go, we told Sarah to keep grinning as she went into the area.

Her response? “I was thinking of that too.” HAW HAW.

Photography and videography technically was not allowed with regards to the weather-controlled tube but people there didn’t really seem to care. But Sarah got a souvenir photo and a nice “Certificate” and video which I will link to once she’s done with her post. Hee.

According to Sarah, most people will start off bumpy first due to nervousness and/or excitement. From what we saw, it was probably not the height factor but more of the factor that you may be spinning around incontrollably. Sarah also said it was crazily cold – I take her word for that, wind in the tunnel could move up to 200mph.

One thing we did learn about iFly though, was that the lighter you were, the faster you fell – as proven by all petite people and kids who went in. But from what we hear from Sarah, the instructions and “training” before that will help you through your “flight” so all will be well as long as you listen.

For more information, click here.


Erm… what can I say? I went for Level One again because I was feeling sleepy. I do not want to end up passing out in the air a la Sheldon Cooper. But compared to the previous time, I only had a minor scratch on my left middle finger (HAH).

Nicole and Raven went as well but the person in front of me was relatively getting her footing right so we went along slowly. I went through the first level relatively quickly, mostly because I went through it before. But they managed to change a few courses (ain’t going to mention which ones, you have to find out yourself. HEE.) and the zipline itself was a lil gentler.

Also, they have a lot more combos and choices now so if you’re up for certain activities at MegaZip, you always have a choice =)

For more information on MegaZip, click here.

Sentosa Luge & Skyline


Actually, they did so quite some time ago, we just never got round to doing it. The Dragon Trail (the new track as opposed to the normal Jungle Trail) is BEAUTIFUL at night. I’ve tried the Jungle Trail way too many times in the evening/ night and they have pretty okay fairy lights plus the usual stump lighting that did not change colours.

The Dragon Trail, however, made you feel like you’re in a black and white action fantasy movie. Especially with its fast turns, forested trail and the changing colours of the light. You might want to brace yourself for the Dragon Trail at night though, despite it being mystical and magical and stuff, you want to be careful of flies. Mintea and I ran straight through them on our Luge Sleds.

Apart from that, the skyride was beautiful – quote Raven, “If anything, we have an amazing skyline” – and the National Day Parade rehearsal meant that we managed to catch a few Chinooks (I think).

Sentosa Luge & Skyride has a few combos on its end, for more information, click here.

So yes, that was our adventure (“final” one before Raven leaves for Queensland, Australia) at Sentosa. For the reason of fun and avoid the crowd, we decided to walk the boardwalk across to Vivocity before getting some pre-home noms.

Tired but satisfied day indeed =)

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