Weekend Missions: RediscoverSG’s Unseen/Unsaid

So I got an e-mail from RediscoverSG (Lizzy, Song Lim, Derek & Jeremy) – a blog that speaks about various aspects (seen and unseen) of Singapore – telling us about an event called “Unseen/Unsaid”, a series of short films on a few areas of Singapore that people might have overlooked.

Sarah and I went for this event, supported by CrazyWorld Cafe and The Dice Studio (Claudia & Kris were there).

Reaching CrazyWorld Cafe, the first thing we noticed were the paper toys that were on display:

All in a row.
The SIT (Sg Improvement Trust) flats in Tiong Bahru are still beautiful, even in paper form.
Anyone remembers this? Hee.

All of which bringing us back to our childhood (especially the Dragon Playground for me =)). Claudia and Kris were signing people in, presenting them with name tags and a complimentary pack of 10 postcards, each depicting a still or thumbnail of the 10 short films RediscoverSG has shot.

Sarah and I took our seats at the back of the viewing area and after a nice buffet and Waffles with Maple Syrup, the projection screen went down and the films started.

Before the films started.
The waiting audience.
A film going on…

The films were mostly snippets of everyday life like the life of a baker in an old school bakery (the ones that make the kaya toast bread that we all love), the life of a housewife etc… Narration for each of these films were done in different languages – English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, Cantonese – and I felt that it gave some authenticity to it.

There will always be purists who say that it needs to be consistent and the language must be clear and good. But I think that’s what makes us Singaporean – the diversity because of its constant existence. Not because it’s for diversity’s sake. For example, Opera has always been associated with the Chinese dialects and I think nothing convinces me more on the authenticity of Opera language than its Cantonese or Teochew roots.

Q&A happening (From left: Lizzy, Derek, Song, Jeremy)

The Q&A was quite brief before everyone else broke into their small groups and approaching the film makers separately. DK was there as well with his group of friends =). Claudia and Kris were helping out in selling the postcards and paper toys ($10 and $20 for each set), where the proceeds will go back to charity, so it’s for a good cause and you get to enjoy dipping your fingers into a bit of nostalgia.

To find out more about RediscoverSG’s Unseen/Unsaid, click here. They’ll be gradually posting up their short films on their page and YouTube. Those videos really give you an insight on how life is like on parts of Singapore some people may never really get to see so be sure to check them out!

RediscoverSG’s Unseen/Unsaid was funded by the National Heritage Board’s HI2P programme.

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