Muse Moment

Muse Moment: An imported post on feeling Shakespearean

Muse Moment

I was digging around my Tumblr when I saw this post and thought I’d transfer the tweaked poem I did for a whim. If I’m not wrong I wrote this a good two years back:

Rent me a loft atop Melbourne City
And call upon the muse within myself,
Write loyal lines of Crime Fic and Drama,
And sing playlists in my head through the night;
Garner my inspiration from the literary hills,
And make the ideas springing from thin air
Cry out ’Pick me!’ O, I cannot rest
Between the existence of Parquet and Ovaltine
But you should remember Joelyn Alexandra.

For the Shakespearean buffs, this was from Twelfth Night, Act 1, Scene 5, Lines 237 – 245.

And to bed, I shall go. Buenas noches, mis amigos.

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