Weekend Missions: Pink Dot SG 2011

This week’s Weekend Missions will be a short one because well, it was a relatively short one. Avarielle, Raven, Sarah and I went to MizHalle’s reading at Kinokuniya (CERIPH #3) earlier. So by the time we reached there, Hong Lim Park was a sea of pink with various people either picnicking, carrying balloons, giving out flyers and makeshift fans and enjoying the stage shows.

Where it all happened =)

Upon reaching, we met up with Jolantru and Dave (Chua), who were there since early afternoon. Hisham was there as well and snapped a photo of us. Sweet!

Raven, Avarielle, the self and Sarah. Photo Courtesy of Hisham. Thanks! =)

So as we were slithering through the crowd (I had to use slither because we were basically like snakes. Hee.), we ended up near the Fear monster. Now, Pink Dot SG 2011 had three characters: The Pink Dot of Love =) (at least that’s what I call it), The Fear Monster & The Ignorance Monster. Fear brings one away from people. Ignorance pushes people away from one. Those two monsters had loads of pink Post-Its on them with experiences from various other people.

Pink paper poxes on the Fear Monster. AHAH!
The Pink Dot =/

These mascots all have something to do with the social issue that Pink Dot was trying to tackle – the freedom to love anyone regardless.

But by the time we reached there and had a good few minutes to ourselves, they announced that it was time to make the Pink Dot.

As we all squished together to form the sea of pink for Pink Dot, we heard stories from various people, some of whom came out, some of whom had friends who were homosexual – beautiful stories, all of them and it all the more reinforced the message that love was a value that had no wrong. Love is something that is all good.

Sidenote: While some people may think that it’s against the faith to be supporting notions like Pink Dot, I’d look at it this way. I support the notion of Love, and Love on its own is boundless, regardless of who you are and what your person is like.

Forming the “dot”

So yes, after we formed the “dot” (more like a huge pink blanket over Hong Lim Park, actually), balloons were released, umbrellas were opened and people were cheering. Heck, even the sky gave its approval when Jolantru and I noticed a cloud shaped like a “good” sign (the Thumbs Up).

Balloon studded sky =)

Despite the short amount of time we spent there, I came to notice (though not for the first time) how empowering human support could really be. To be honest, I kinda felt like I was in a rally, except that whatever the rally was for didn’t require you to make a choice to be for or against it. Everyone was just for the Love, it was all about the Love.

So you could imagine how happy we were when they told us that attendance at Pink Dot SG doubled from 5,000 to more than 10,000 people this year! We’re gonna need a bigger location next year. Hee.

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