Weekend Missions: Le Bistro, je t’aime

Le Bistro Parisien

It’s been a while since I did a food entry for Weekend Missions. And since this place is so wonderfully good, it’ll be kinda churlish not to share. Hee.

So Sarah found this French cafe and we decided to give it a go, since we’ve somewhat covered a few nations’ worth of food – Turkish, Moroccan, Swedish and what-have-yous. It ended up with us booking a table with Sarah’s friend, Naddie (who worked there) and heading down to the place.

Our table of 7 consisted of myself, Sarah, Avarielle, Mintea, MizHalle, Raven Silvers and Sue-anne a.k.a. Tiramisue. And by the time we reached, they already had a table for us on the second level, which was a pretty corner filled with photographs of old time Malay movies and artistes and this cello.

I love this cello, don’t you love this cello? HEE.

I apologise for somewhat blurry photographs because I hurt my arm that day so yes, everything was either one handed or with insufficient force.

That aside, we ordered our noms and waited as the food (that was bliss-that-had-yet-to-come) was getting prepared.

We started out with two soups: French Onion Soup (Soupe à l’oignon) and Cream of Wild Mushroom (Crème aux champignons) and a side of Escargots (It’s kinda like – What kind of French restaurant is it without snails?!).

Cream of Wild Mushrooms… delish!
The Escargots. Which, from what I hear, is AMAZING but I don’t like snails so there.
Everyone SCRAMBLED for this. I tried it and quoted Man vs. Food’s Adam Richman straightaway, “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW GOOD THIS IS?!” yes.

Soups were all made from scratch and I think it was quite obvious that the French Onion Soup was the star. Even MizHalle’s lactose intolerance couldn’t say no despite the top being smothered in cheese and croutons.

The great thing about the soup was that it was full of flavour without being too heavy – which is a common grouse for appetiser soups which tend to fill you up before you even start eating. The onions were sweet and smooth and went harmoniously with the consomme (soup base) and despite the generous topping of silky cheese, neither the taste of the onion nor the cheese was overwhelming. Well-balanced with a variety of flavours without confusing your tongue.

The mains came next, with everyone either ordering Salmon, Chicken or Prawns. I ordered the Chicken with mushroom cream sauce (Fricassée de Volaille aux cèpes) and all mains came with a side of French Pasta (as said by our friendly server).

Fricassée de Volaille aux cèpes

The cream sauce was light but with flavour, I’m a huge fan of garlic in pasta so vampires fear me. HEE. Meats on their own were fine and dandy (Chicken Breast is Chicken Breast after all) while everyone tried everyone’s dishes but after trying Mintea’s prawns with dijon mustard, I made a mental note to myself that I should come back and ORDER THE PRAWNS – them succulent, juicy goodness with mustard!

That aside, the pasta was amazingly good. The server told us that we could actually buy the pasta downstairs and that it was actually pre-packed pasta. I’m not a pasta connoisseur so pardon me if I said that I actually thought it was freshly made because it really tasted so – the textures and tastes gave me the feeling that someone was actually in the kitchen cutting out the pasta into strips. A definite must try!

At this point, Naddie and the Chef came up to see how we were doing. While we were contemplating dessert, the Chef shot the good news to us: Dessert was on the house. We contemplated no more.

Sarah managed to snag the last Creme Brulee while the rest of us ordered a Chocolate Fudge slice, a Caramel Slice with Pears and a Strawberry Sorbet.

The sweet sweets =)

The Creme Brulee, Caramel and Chocolate slices were delicious enough, I must say that the star of the dessert table was the Strawberry Sorbet.

Do not let it’s innocent pinkness fool you, it can send you to a bliss that even fresh strawberries would be ashamed off. It’s a sorbet, which meant any creamy heaviness was not there despite it looking otherwise. It also meant that lactose intolerant people would be able to enjoy this wonderful dessert.

But because I don’t have a picture of it to show you, I’ll just describe it as I did at the table, “It’s like eating fresh strawberries without the hassle of leaves, over-ripeness or seeds.”


That being said, I haven’t been to a place this good for a long time so you’ll be sure that I’ll be going back again. Prices are ranged between $20 to 40 for a variety of Mains so it’s pretty worthy for a French restaurant here.

Thanks to Naddie, the pleasant servers and Monsieur Chef of Le Bistro for the wonderful experience!

For more information on Le Bistro Parisien, click here. It’s a halal French Restaurant located at 10 Haji Lane and it’s opened 11 AM to 11 PM from Mondays to Sundays.

P/S – Please excuse any French errors, I’m super rusty and haven’t spoke French in a long time. *sheepish grin*

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