Weekend Missions: Urban Velocity

Quote Sarah, this was the fastest adventure we ever had.

But before I continue, let us go back a year to the same place – Velocity (next to Novena Square). Sarah came to Velocity to witness last year’s Urban Velocity challenge, then with a different course and with only myself as her accompanying witness. There, I saw how she watched and made a promise that she would participate in that same challenge next year.


Urban Velocity 2011

She managed to sign up for Urban Velocity, with the aim to be the first lady to complete the entire course! So armed with Old Chang Kee and drinks, the Adventure Crew (Avarielle, Mintea, Raven) came down to Velocity to support Sarah.

After a few rounds made by the guys who signed up, Sarah was called up with another lady participant and a few groups.

For information, the game was done like this: Participants would have to go through all six obstacles before reaching the end and recording their timing. Very much like ‘Ninja Warrior’ only without having to complete before a certain time.

So yes, going back to Sarah. She started before Lauren, the other lady participant called up.

Sarah… finished in 24 secs.

Mostly because she fell off at the first stage – Rock and Roll. But before you say anything, here’s how Rock and Roll looked like:

The Rock & Roll

The middle gap posed a challenge if you weren’t fast, lanky or tall enough so you’ve gotta figure.

Lauren became the first lady to make it through Urban Velocity so Congrats to her!

In the end, Sarah and the rest of us stayed for a while as she dried off from splashing off the course and watched the groups go on with the challenge. Instead of having a tag team, it was three members attempting to go through the entire course separately and their combined timing will be used to pit against the other teams.

We were suggesting the possibility of suggesting a tag team method instead?

Nonetheless, like Sarah said, there is always next year. Hopefully by then I’ll be fit enough to at least pass the first stage as well =/

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