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Book Bites: Free Comic Book Day

Book BitseAnd after taking a break of three weeks, the adventures are back! This time the adventures started the afternoon right after polling day and because it’s somewhat literary, I’m combining this week’s adventure with Book Bites (P/S – People who are not from Singapore, we had our Polling Day for the 2011 General Elections on the 7th May)


… and it was triple the fun this year…

To facilitate the reading of this post, I’m going to go ahead and break this entire thing down to our three stops: Kinokuniya, GnB Comics and Harris/ Planerds.


We (Avarielle, Mintea, Raven, Sarah) met at the Coffee Club in Kinokuniya for a spot of noms (Can’t really call it breakfast or lunch. Or brunch, for that matter) before some of us headed for the shelves. My mantra that day to the girls were, “Pace yourself, you still have two more places to head to.”

I would say we did relatively well. Sarah and I only got a manga book each (Phoenix Wright FTW), Avarielle got a book on Astronomy because she could and Raven and Mintea got a few selections.

As we left Kino for the next spot, we found out that our haul wasn’t that bad. Compared to the $600 odd worth of stuff (AFTER discount) the Here Be Geeks guys got just at Kino. OMGOSH.


Oh yeah I did =)
There was already a line when we got there. It was quite expected though, GnB has always been THE comic place for the comic fans. The Here Be Geeks guys were already there (miraculously, especially with that much haul from the previous stop. HAHAH.) so we just headed up to the line.

The line was long but there were GnB staff there were giving out flyers for STGCC and forms for GnB membership. Spiderman and Green Lantern made an appearance as well – and took pictures with our two Supergirls (Mintea & Sarah).

By the time our position in the line got into the shop, everything was moving like heavy traffic on expressways during the peak hour. No worries about that though, Gene was there to entertain us with his french fox. HEE.

The Gene and his fox says hi.

Managed to grab a few free comics for the cousins and bro. That being done, Mintea, Sarah and Raven started looking around for other comics since they were having a US$1 to SG$1 thing happening for the Graphic Novels and other comics.


HARRIS/ planerds was our last stop for the day. Planerds only opened recently as part of HARRIS in 313 Somerset so half of the shop is the HARRIS bookshop and the other half specialises in science fiction and fantasy, comic book collectibles. Raven bought her Doctor’s screwdriver here a few weeks back.

It was the third place in Singapore having its Free Comic Book Day and we wanted to head to Planerds for a look. This time, with Raven telling us that we needed to pull her away if she wanted to buy more Doctor Who stuff. HAH (In the end, she didn’t get anything so good self-discipline there. HEE). Sarah signed up for a membership with Harris before we went on our way as well.


Just to end this off, I would say it was a great way to kickstart adventures again after three weeks of busy stagnation – though I think we did not care for the sudden drop of energy. That being said, I think it just calls for more excuses to go out and get our strength back again. Hee.

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