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Book Bites: The gang at {prologue}

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After two published books and a few appearances here and there, the Happy Smiley Writers Group finally made it to a public reading at {prologue}, ION Orchard.

Thanks to the awesome powers of Rozen and Sarah and the folks at {prologue}, Happy Smiley Writers Group managed to get a slot, reading Bubble G.U.M. at {prologue}, ION Orchard, which now stocks Bubble G.U.M. on its shelves too. The entire HSWG gang – Rozen, Sarah, Lina, Raven, Xianghao and the self, made our way to the shop on the evening of 19th April.

J Damask (Author of “Wolf at the Door”), TumbleNC and Avarielle came to show support for the event and acted as our photographers for the day. People who came to watch us also included some of Xianghao’s students, shop staff, Anders Brink and Mark (from NUS High School) and other curious passers-by who just stopped and listened. Once again, thank you all for joining us during our reading.

We started off by talking a little bit about ourselves before going onto the readings. If you’ve read Bubble G.U.M., you would notice a few aspects that stood out. Namely – naturally coloured hair, combat bikinis, combat flip flops, really living off pure Art, Operative Orbs (OOs) etc…

My reading had to do with the introduction of the Combat Bikinis. I shall not speak further about this lest the Spoiler Police come and conk me on the head. But yes, Raven started with her piece, then myself before it went to Xianghao, Rozen and Lina. Sarah kicked off the Question & Answer session.

Now, Q&A was funny for a few reasons. But before I name them, the situation was like this, because the event was held in the front of the shop and there were passers-by listening in, some of them drifted away because they did not want to hold up traffic to and from the shop or because they were just there for a few minutes to listen in on what was going on. So people who actually knew the whole story or listened in on the whole session were just a few. Hence, moving on to the reasons for funniness:

  1. The people who actually knew what was going on and were intent on asking questions were very prone to asking “hur-worthy” questions. So yes, there was a lot of laughing.
  2. Sarah’s & Lina’s “mind-reading psychic powers” that read the minds of the “shier” crowd and articulated the questions for them.

But yes, after the whole thing, {prologue}’s staff asked us to sign the board for them as a momento – Far out! One of a kind experience, for me at least, anyway.

Once again, we thank all the people who came and supported us during the reading, all the people who were there in spirit and all the people who continue to support local genre fiction writers.Bubble G.U.M. is now on the shelves of {prologue} ION Orchard and BooksActually.

You can catch us again at BooksActually (@ 9 Yong Siak St) on May 20th, details closer to the date =).

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