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Book Bites: Wolf at the Door

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Quote Sarah’s message to Jolantru through my phone, “Awoo. Awoo.”

A week after “Wolf at the Door”, an urban fantasy set in Singapore, was released on Lyrical Press in e-Book format, the creator/ author of it all decided to hold a launch party at The Garden Slug. Raven, Avarielle, Miss Hallejulah, Tumblenc, Mint, myself and a whole lot of others came down to support Jolantru =).

Reaching The Garden Slug, we had a really long (long table is long) table under Jolantru’s name in the middle of the place. The moment everyone arrived, Jolantru’s husband swung into action and got finger food and pizzas for everyone to fuel up before the event.

Everyone eating in B/W. Photo courtesy of MizHalle

It was a rather casual event, small and select so it was very personal and almost everyone knew everyone. Jolantru started off with quizzes (with very amusing answers – thank you very much MizHalle. HAHA), giving out chocolate and signed chapters and cover art from “Wolf at the Door”.

Tina (@syzzlyn) printed “Wolf at the Door” for Jolantru to sign later on – sweet! And Avariel, who bought “Wolf at the Door” just the day before, got Jolantru to sign her iPad. As such:

Who said signing should be restricted to hard-copy? Signing Avarielle’s iPad. Photo courtesy of MizHalle.
Jolantru signing for Syzzlyn. Photo courtesy of MizHalle.

All in all, it was a pretty pleasant night, ending with a reading (spoiler free, no worries) and a quick Q&A with everyone. Jolantru spoke about her process of writing (Wolf at the Door was actually her Nanowrimo in 2006, Nano FTW!) and other bits and bobs of where she got her inspiration from with regards to certain characters and aspects of the book itself. That included the strong Chinese mythological stories and traditions that become part of everyday life here.

Hence, food for thought with regards to local writing and anything of its equivalent: Does genre fiction automatically mean it’s not “eligible”? Because “Wolf at the Door” is definitely Urban Fantasy but it captures and merges the context of local culture and action without sounding too distant.

My take is that no one should “prescribe your style of writing” (thanks Paul) and if it needs to be genre fiction for you to enjoy and have heart in what you write, so be it.

So again, I ask this question – If you say that the genre fiction you get here seems to not be “up to par”, then what IS considered GOOD?

P/S – Thank you Jolantru and her husband for organising this wonderful event for us =) And the food, always thankful for the food.

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