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When I was in Secondary School, my Literature teacher told me, “It’s literature when you can relate it.” Of course, she was talking about our texts and other texts we were reading on our own. I was 16 then. Several years later, that line still catches on in my head. Even more so now, to be honest.

Raven Silvers and I went to Books Actually (now at 9 Yong Siak St) to attend the first “On Being” series for the year. If you read one of my previous posts, “On Being Suchen Christine Lim”, it’s the same series held by Books Actually, moderated by Dr Gwee Li Sui.

This particular session was with Mr Paul Tan, who’s the new director of the (newly) annual Singapore Writers’ Festival. To put things simple, it was a session to talk a little about Paul’s previous written work and know a little more about what influenced him and his writing life (sort of).

I’m going to say for the record here that I’m not going to review the event… yet. Instead, I feel “poetic” today, so I think you’ll know what’s coming. I don’t have a proper title for it yet so I’ll make a judgment call and I hope it’ll make sense. At least to whoever’s reading. Thank you.


Along the Strings of the Violin

I pondered.
In the darkness of the room,
Acoustics and String
Never sounded more inspiring.
Against the contrast
My somewhat glaring screen,
Music gets enhanced.

“Why so late?”
Someone asked.
“I had a talk,”
I was tired.
It was late out but fatigue didn’t hit

We debated on:

The Friend and I.
We left the vicinity
Filled with anticipation —
A rare instance.

Nothing could beat talks

One question still remained…

“So what IS considered GOOD?”

~ Joelyn Alexandra


I’m typing, listening to acoustic music and retracing my steps of the night in a dark room. But ultimately, that last question still remains. Oh well. Nights y’all!

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