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Book Bites: Writing Spots

Book BitseThe Adventure Crew has been to almost everything and counting. This week got us taking a break so I thought I’d talk about places that I love going on my own – my writing spots…

Lee Kong Chian Reference Library (11F)

If not quiet, this is one of the levels in the National Library that actually has writing space. I actually preferred it when they still had Singaporean and South-east Asian fiction here, they provided writing distraction to say the least.

The high ceilings also provide a lot of natural light (if I’m writing in the day) and just the right amount at night (not glaring). The only drawback though, is that you can’t bring writing materials (analog notepads, notebooks & papers) into this level. But it’s quite laptop charger friendly (no squabbling over powerpoints here) but just make sure to speak below normal level. HAHAHA. I mean it.


I LOVE WRITING HERE AT NIGHT. Full stop. Especially if it’s at the bar top stool seats. I would say that the inspiration comes mostly from the night skyline of the city and the “romantic” lighting within the library itself. If you’re lucky, someone might actually be performing. It is, after all, an arts library.

This place is good for analog writing or just pure bursts of literary creation at the moment of inspiration. Don’t expect an abundance of powerpoints here though.

Coffee Bean, Ogilvy Building

With the Ogilvy Building renovating and stuff, I have no idea if this place is still there. But it beats most Coffee Bean mostly because it’s quiet. Set in the middle of the Central Business District (CBD), it’s one of the few Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves that I can actually sit down and get to writing.

Side note: For the people who have read “Table for 9?”, the cafe that the short was set in was inspired by this Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. That being said, I promise that I’ll get to the revised versions soon. I promise. After Script Frenzy.

So there you go! I actually have more writing spots that I would really want to explore, some of which here and some of which not but yes. This is this week’s weekend missions and I hope I’ll be able to come back next week with another more adventure-y post.

Thanks for reading!

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