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Book Bites: It’s pronounced KIL-LAI-NEY!

Book BitseA good few weeks after our Dinosaur Decoration Session, we (Raven, Mintea, Sarah and the self) made our way to ION Orchard’s {prologue} for Rosemary’s talk about one of her books, “An Irish Tour of Singapore“.

Raven, Mintea and yours truly reached the front of the store first, where the talk was going to be held. The books were already set up and we were just waiting for everything to start. Sarah, who was busy jumping off ropes and zipping down wire lines, popped in just after we started. In her new vibrams. But that’s not the point.

Setting up
Introducing Rozen =)

Rosemary is Irish, a native of Northern Ireland and only came to Singapore from 1990 onwards. Upon noticing the strong Irish influence Singapore had (Architecture, Roads, Churches, the Clergy), she went to do a great amount of research to learn about the Irish influences in Singapore in greater depth.

After 8 years or so researching, she finally published “An Irish Tour of Singapore”.

Talking about the background behind An Irish Tour of Singapore

So through the interesting session we had, here’s a list of things we actually found out about the Irish in Singapore way back when and now:

  • Many of the Irish that came and settled in Singapore were actually Nuns and Brothers who came to teach in the Catholic schools and churches – I opened the book and the first name I saw was “de La Salle brothers”, familiar much?
  • Coleman, the architect whom Coleman Rd was named after, was one of the Irish people who was rather prominent back in the day. Mostly because he had no former training and his works (Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Armenian Church/ Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator)
  • Killiney Road is actually pronounced, “KIL-LAI-NEE Road”. The Irish did back then and still do so now. Singlish, however, caught on and hence, the present pronunciation of “KIL-LEE-NEE Road”. Oh wells.

Mintea and I bought the books and got them signed on the spot. Raven and Sarah got the books beforehand already so yes.

Just flipping through quickly, I could already see very familiar names (more so especially if you’re Christian or Catholic and the schools and churches stick out to you) – Makes me look forward to finishing the whole thing.

I probably won’t give a review or summary of any sorts any time soon because of the endless pile of stuff that I have yet to read *cough*Crime&Punishment!*cough* but it shall arrive.

If you would like to experience an Irish Tour of Singapore for yourself though, the book is available here or you could go directly and order it from the Two Trees website. Thanks for reading!


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