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Book Bites: The Death of Mirrors

Book BitseThis week’s Book Bites will be a quick one, with nothing more than a sneak peek and a link somewhere else.

But before I get to the post proper, I would like to thank Twntysmthg for giving us (the Happy Smiley Writers Group) an opportunity to get our works published within your online mag. Really appreciate it.

Just to get some kind of background information in, Twntysmthg is an online mag that features stuff like the Arts, events and lifestyle issues. At this moment, they’re doing a regular column, so named “1000 Ways to Die”, with the theme, “Death By ___ “.

Hence, I present to you, a sneak peek to my article under this column:

The Death of Mirrors – Vanity Anonymous

He has not left the house,
Not even a step out the door,
Not even for a few seconds,
Not since they laughed at the way his leather pants looked on him.

That’s only the first stanza. The rest of it, you can read it here. Do feel free to give comments and stuff =).

Thanks again to Twntysmthg! Do visit the rest of their site, they’ve got some awesome articles, especially for those are are into Short/ Flash Fiction written by Singaporeans. =)

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