Project: Curation

Project: Curation: Prehistoric Decorations

Project Curation

To be honest, my past few weekends have not exactly been the most flashbangwow weekends. But heck to that, because Monday came for this week and we got to decorate a dinosaur. *Yeah, you heard me right for the first time.

I’m sure those who head to ION Orchard and it’s bookstore {prologue} would be familiar with this dinosaur. The white one that greets the customers that come into the store itself.

But in conjunction with St. Patrick’s Day, {prologue} is going to organise a Book Signing for our dear Rosemary’s (Rozen) book, “An Irish Tour of Singapore“. To help liven the mood for the upcoming event, we (Sarah, Raven and the self) have decided to chip in – to decorate the dinosaur.

So after a nice dinner at Anatolia (PIDE!!!), we headed to ION, where Rozen was already waiting. THEN the decorating began.

In the process of being Shamrock-Happy

Equipped with a few T-Shirts, tinsel, a good number of shamrocks, streamers and stuff, we managed to turn the dinosaur into one we called, “Lady Rar Rar”. Apt name much? We went Shamrock Happy on the dinosaur so yes, you can really see it from a distance. HAH.

3/4 of the dinosaur decorating team. Photo Courtesy of Sarah Coldheart.

Yes, so there’s “decorating a dinosaur” off the checklist. It does look a little drunk and happy but I think that’s the point. HAH.

Nonetheless, thanks to Rozen and {prologue} for giving us this session to play. Hee. Looking forward to doing it again if the chance arrives *coughs*Bubble G.U.M.*coughs*.

Myself and the Rar-Rar. Photo Courtesy of Sarah Coldheart.

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