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Book Bites: Fantasy and Poetry

Book BitseSo Sarah, Raven, Avariel and the self went for a reading featuring Samantha De Silva (Blood on the Moon: The Daywalker Chronicles) and Marc Nair (Chai: Travel Poems) at Earshot Cafe, The Arts House.

It was very much like a Nanowrimo Kick-Off session, only with lesser people, free tea & coffee and a moderator. Samantha was pretty entertaining in talking about her inspiration and many background facts behind Daywalker Chronicles together with a few sneak peeks.

Marc is more a poet, which was also reflected in how he found inspiration or what he felt to be important aspects to take note of for writers. Nonetheless, both of them gave pretty good tips on how to improve writing (fiction-wise).

But that aside, we were quite irked off by some comments made by the moderator. While the session was generally smooth sailing, naming Blood on the Moon the “first fantasy novel in Singapore” is relatively erroneous. Irony was that we were actually sitting next to a shelf featuring locally written Fantasy from the past. Oops much?

I just felt that the moderator kinda needed to do a little more homework.

But other than that, the session was pretty interesting – it’s at least good to see Speculative Fiction coming up somewhere in the local literary scene – something we are still highly lacking of.

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