Weekend Missions: Luging in the Rain

Technically this wasn’t during the weekend as well but I’m going to heck it anyways.

The darling bestie Sarah-Mae returned to Singapore, this time with a flock in tow. Her totally awesome friends – Shaz, Bec, Noni, Andrew & Tyrone – and herself met with yours truly at Vivocity, Harbourfront, ready for an adventure at Sentosa.

So after this super scrumptous lunch at Food Republic and a lil bit of walking, we headed to Sentosa, bringing SMae’s friends to see the Merlion, walk through the Merlion Walk and head to Siloso Beach on its own. The iFly Indoor Skydiving Simulation was still under construction, can’t wait for it to open its doors =)

While we wanted to try out the Megazip once more, the clouds were menacing and it was getting late. Hence, we decided to try the Sentosa Luge, with the special price of the day. Noni & Tyrone took one go, SMae & Bec went twice and Andrew & the self went three times, mostly with the intention of trying the new Dragon Trail…


It rained.

The Dragon Trail had to be closed (because it’s really slippery and the rain made it worse) and everyone could only take the usual, Jungle Trail. Nonetheless, everything went well despite the light rain. Luging in the rain was all nice and dandy – cooling without the rain drops disrupting because you were going so darn fast!

The Chairlift was another experience altogether. Due to the fact that it had been raining before, there was a huge bottleneck of guests on both the Luge and the Lifts, plus the fact that there were at least two other tour groups meant that the lifts were starting and stopping. So you can imagine dangling your feet at that height while they had to go through the lifts slowly.

Despite the closing of the Dragon Trail and the rain, I actually had a lot of fun. It was also great fun meeting Sarah-Mae’s friends and all that. The Luge now extends its combos to 3 and 5 ride packages, so you can go more than once at lower prices per ride.

Definitely a place to go back to again. Because of the Dragon Trail. HAR HAR.

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