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So I promised that I would read Crime Scene: Singapore and I did. Just a recap, Crime Scene: Singapore is an anthology of Crime Fiction stories published by Monsoon Books. The call for stories was launch early last year, naming Richard Lord to be its editor.

Hence, being all Crime Fiction-y and Research-y, I went to read it (in two sittings, each for the first and second half of the anthology respectively). I’m not going to give a review of the whole thing, because well, it’s a collection of stories and they greatly differ.

But I am going to tell you which were my Top 3 Favourites and a Special Mention. HAHAH. Because Top 4 sounds meh and I’m superstitious.

Special Mention: Lead Balloon by Lee Ee Leen

Story flow was good and I was able to relate to it well – an aspect which I consider to be important if you’re writing for the masses. Pacing was also relatively fast, which keeps readers on their toes when something new or something provoking shows up in the story. I did think the antagonist in this story was a little over the top though. That or she was an ultimate b*tch. But yes, a little predictable once the discovery within the story sets in but a good, well-structured read.

3.: The House on Tomb Lane by Dawn Farnham

I’m going out on a limb here and saying that I love this piece partly because it’s like the way I write/ plan my crime fiction. The breaking of the story into distinct chapters also organise the information, which was portrayed clearly – I was raging while reading it, actually. I did want to see more on how the antagonist went through his “inconsequential” period though. Gripping, to say the least.

2.: The First Time by Carolyn Camoens

I like stories that make you do a little brain work while reading it – something I do enjoy because I feel that reading shouldn’t just be just absorbing words but relating and understanding what’s going on. I was a little confused with the major part of the introduction though but as the end came about, I was kinda caught off guard with the twist. Nice.

1.: Decree Absolute by Dawn Farnham

One of the shortest pieces told in first person but it had me going, “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” at the end. It starts you off with a certain set of thinking at first, then the story brings you through the background of the situation. But I’m only going to tell you this much because you have to read it yourself to experience what I did before.

So yes, check their stories and other works out. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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