Weekend Missions: Interview Seat in Radio Pro 2

I don’t know what is up with this Radio Pro Interview Talkshow thing for the Year 2s but this is actually my second time coming back to the Dalet Studio used by the Radio Production students who take the Diploma in Mass Communications under the School of Film & Media Studies in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. So yes, my interviewer is this girl known as Avelyn, who happened to chance by this blog (Thank you for reading!) and emailed me to ask me to be her interviewee. Last year, I did the same thing for Raven Silvers. HEE.

School hasn’t really changed much since the last time I went back. Granted I went back in November last year but there was one major thing that changed since I was back – The Radio Dalet.

For those who aren’t sure what the Radio Dalet is, it’s the control panel for Radio Deejays to use while they carry on with their shows. They use these to control microphone volume, music volume, line up trailers and stuff and carry out talkshows, like the one they were practicing for today.

Avelyn on the new Dalet

Though I would actually like to state for the record that the new Dalet HAS A TIMER. Dammit we had to read the analog clock back then! Hahaha.

But yes, when it was Avelyn’s turn to get onto her test seat, I took a few pictures before she conducted the volume check. Lecturer Melanie Oliveiro (from 938LIVE) was behind where Avelyn was seated, ready to grade the talk show.

Avelyn getting ready and Melanie Oliveiro at the background
The self on the interviewee’s seat.

So the interview went on smoothly. Talking mostly about the life of a novelist, what went on while HSWG was getting together and producing the awesomeness that was Happiness at the End of the World and Bubble G.U.M. Avelyn was a little nervous but I guess that went away soon after. It was a 15 minute talkshow test before everything else ended.

With the interview done, I gave Avelyn the two novels to pass around class. Had a brief talk with Melanie, who was asking more about the books (whether or not it’s available in Earshot or if it could be placed in the library etc…) so that went well. Everything’s still very much in the process – which is something we hope will improve in time.

But as I gave Avelyn the two novels, she gave me this:

As a token of appreciation. Thanks much Avelyn =) and congratulations on your grade for the test =).

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