Weekend Missions: The Thing About Coffee

Okay this was a real adventure because I don’t drink coffee. I don’t even touch mocha or lattes because I really don’t touch coffee. But with the Congo Exhibition in the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) came this Coffee Seminar on its appreciation. I thought I’d go down with the Adventure Crew and give it a shot.

So Mintea, Sarah and Raven headed down to the ACM to where the Coffee Seminar was held. Held in conjunction with our ever favourite Starbucks, the focus on the coffee was from Kenya, which was in line with ACM’s Congo Exhibition and one of Starbucks’ exclusive coffee.

This seminar treated coffee like wine, talking about the history of coffee before continuing to talk about the different types and origins.

Like how there are many types of wine, there are many types of coffee, each determined by their origin and each with their own characteristics.

The coffees’ respective accompaniments.

The hands-on session had me try at least three different coffees: Latin American, Kenyan & Sumatran.

On top of that, the wonderful staff of Starbucks, our presenters Noor and Anqi, had prepared the Coffee Black with accompanying foods. As such:

Latin American Coffee: Nut Brownie Piece
Kenyan Coffee: Grapes
Sumatran Coffee: Almond Butter Cake

Noor refilling our coffees.

For a person who doesn’t like, much less drink coffee, it’s quite an eye-opening experience. P/S – The Kenyan Coffee paired with grapes is actually really nice.

At the end after taking questions and such, everyone got a voucher for Starbucks. Yet another excuse to head there =).

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