Weekend Missions: Tart Making & A List

With Chinese New Year around the corner, it is not surprising that the Adventure Crew takes a break from going out with each other and spending a bit more time with the upcoming festivities. So while Sarah went for a literary meeting, Raven for her haircut and Avarielle and Mintea with their own activities, I went to help the momster make tarts.

[Note: No pictures for this post because it’s short like crazy and I didn’t take any because my hands were oily as heck. HEE.]

So yes, mum made four batches of pineapple tarts over the period of two days. The pineapple tarts, however, took the shape that was more similar to that of a pineapple filled pastry ball. My job was to weigh the dough, hence the oily hands.

It was pretty fun, I got to play with huge batches of dough, mostly because it’s all crumby once it comes out of the mixer so I just pushed them together to make sure it’s one smooth, huge piece that I can break it from. Nothing like a little kneading and elbow grease to get what you want.

But yes. Since there’s not much of an adventure this weekend, I’ll look at how we did for adventures last year.

Adventure Places

  1. Pulau Ubin: Chek Jawa
  2. Sentosa: Megazip
  3. Sentosa: Luge
  4. Sentosa: Wavehouse
  5. Sentosa: Underwater World
  6. Sentosa: Dragon Trail
  7. Sentosa: Cineblast
  8. Mount Faber – Henderson Waves Walk
  9. Singapore Zoo
  10. Singapore Bird Park
  11. Singapore Science Centre
  12. Botanical Gardens
  13. National Museum of Singapore

Adventure Foods

  1. Dempsey Hill
  2. Mandarin Gallery
  3. Casuarina Curry
  4. Minds’ Cafe (with boardgames!!!)
  5. Souperlicious
  6. Hotel Buffets =P
  7. Any themed restaurant

Adventure Activities

  1. Rock Wall Climbing
  2. Laser Tag
  3. NERF/ Shooting
  4. Archery
  5. Paintball
  6. Wheelchair Basketball
  7. Horse Riding
  8. Latin
  9. Sign Language
  10. Braille
  11. Morse Code
  12. Latin Jazz
  13. Surfboard/ Interior Design
  14. Expedition: Independent Bookstores! (All the indie bookstores/ cafes in Singapore)

Adventure Overseas

  1. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Queensland, Australia
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Venetian Macau
  5. Malacca, Malaysia
  6. Langkawi, Malaysia
  7. San Francisco, USA

That was a list that I kinda made for myself and somewhat for the adventure crew at the beginning of last year. I’m happy at our progress. HAHA. Despite the fact that not everything’s been covered, we overcompensated with extra events and impromptu courses and stuff.

Hopefully the list will become more complete this year as well. =)

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