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Book Bites: Prose Exercise – “Vigilante”

Book BitseWhen I was in Secondary Three, my English Teacher implemented this exercise during our lessons to aid in writing better compositions and stuff. So what happens here is that on a weekly basis, our groups would work together to write the different sections of a composition, so it’s like the first three paragraphs one week, then the plot development the next and so on.

So I thought I’ll bring this short idea I had for quite some time up during different sessions of Book Bites and, while getting feedback, improve as the time passes.


Prose Exercise #1 – Introductory Paragraphs (First 3-5 paragraphs)

Story in three phrases: Law Enforcement, Corruption, Vigilante Justice

Introductory Setting: Judicial Courts

Main Characters: Inspector Elaine Kwong, Inspector Winona Fernandez, Virgil Chang (defense attorney), Roland Heng (accused)

Working Title: Vigilante


Vigilante By Joelyn Alexandra

It was a quarter to four that afternoon, a time that would be etched in the minds of Inspectors Elaine Kwong and Winona Fernandez. The time that that serial rapist and murderer, the one that they spent the last half a year interrogating and pinning down, got off. Scot Free.

Elaine had to speed her paces, going after Winona after the latter stormed out of the court right after its adjournment. When Elaine finally managed to catch up with her partner, Winona started talking to the air in front of her, “It’s just sick. It’s always this sick. We spend months just trying to bring this animal here and he lucks off with someone more than willing to get his hands dirty digging into loopholes that aren’t there.”

“Win,” Elaine started. But before she was able to continue, the dreadfully familiar sound of roller wheels and dress shoes clicking against the marble on the floor interrupted her speech. Winona, on the other hand, turned around and saw the smirk on the face of the loophole digger, the accused’s defense attorney, Virgil Chang.

“Was a good fight in there, Inspector,” Virgil said rather smugly, “Shame the prosecution’s witnesses were more divisive than decisive, nothing personal there,” Winona forced a small smile, “Nothing personal, we’re just doing our jobs.” Knowing there was nothing more to gloat about with this woman, Virgil kept his smirk and walked off ahead of the two Inspectors.


So yes, that’s the Introductory aspect of the short. So this is where I leave it to rest and come back to it later to see if it works. Plus, if you would like to give feedback, do feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at

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