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Museum Escapades: CSI: The Experience

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The crime fiction nut self relishes in great joy this morning, when the crew (Mintea, Avarielle, Sarah, Raven & guest star Dude (Afiq)) decided to go for CSI: The Experience, at the Singapore Science Centre.

And because there was no photography allowed to protect information and the nature of the exhibition from spoilers like yours truly, this is the only picture you’re going to get for this entire post.

Lab Tech, Lab I/C, Street Detective, Chief, Psychologist, Legal Counsel. HEHE. Photo Courtesy of Sarah Coldheart.

This was the “obligatory” photo shoot you had to take before you entered the exhibition. With that, you showed your tickets and get stamped with an UV re-entry stamp before we got our clipboards and headed into the introduction area.

To not spoil it (too much) for those viewing and rushing to get the exhibition for themselves, it’s not the usual exhibition that most of us are used to. While there are exhibits and stuff, the basis of this experience is true to its word, an EXPERIENCE..

It’s intriguing, highly interactive and I would go as far and say that kids MAY find it unsettling. But that is all I’m going to say.

My mentions of clipboards and pencils will give you the only clue to think of what you would be doing there. It’s not really an experience until you go through it yourself.

That aside, there’s a surprise at the end of the experience, so remember to go through the entire thing to give yourself a trip worthwhile.

CSI: The Experience carries on until 20 Feb 2011 at the Singapore Science Centre. Worth a trip but I would say get the package where you can head to both the Science Centre and the external CSI exhibit. It’s more worth it monetarily speaking.

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