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And Book Bites kicks off to another year!

While 2010 was an incessant year of planning and writing (since Book Bites was started to update the self and possibly others about the writing projects at hand), I thought 2011 could start of with the other side of the book: reading instead of writing.

Reading is as important as writing to the writer. To note plots, developments and how things are shaped. The writer may even read something people consider as “crap” just to avoid the same mistakes.

But instead of telling people what I like to read, which I think is very well expressed within my profile, I’m going to give a list of stuff which I don’t read. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s not exactly my cup of tea.

Science Fiction

A bit ironic because I know a lot of awesome people who write and read Science Fiction. I don’t. Unless it’s a very, very soft kind of Science Fiction. Main reason is due to the fact that I’m a plot person and impatient reader, so scenes and details that are too descriptive turn me off because I feel that it drowns out the story.

THAT being said, I still think that stuff like Artemis Fowl keep me interested. May not exactly read Science Fiction, but I usually make exceptions.


Kinda like Science Fiction, if it gets too descriptive and drowns out the plot, I get too impatient to continue. I think it’s the alternate world thing. I do very badly with alternate worlds.

The few Fantasy stories I really stuck through and read so far are: Artemis Fowl (cross genres, yes), Percy Jackson, LOTR, Narnia and various Urban Fantasies.


I’m quite OCD in following series, so I may know generally what happens but not the details. But I do read strips. My brother loves Dilbert. I love Retail and Foxtrot. Oh! And Pokemon.


I scare easily. Nuff said. HAHA.

Unless it’s Psychological Horror, that’s where stuff like Haunted (Chuck Palahniuk) and 1408 (Stephen King) come into the picture.

War Narratives

I see so much of that in the news and on the net so many damn times, I don’t need to read about another account. It only reminds me about the weakness of humans and their ever unsatisfied selves and constant need to obtain more.

Cultural to a fault

Quite similar to War Narratives but in a more personal level. I don’t like stories that portray Asia as the saddest place on earth to exist on because for one, it’s usually exaggerated and hence, untrue. And two, it makes people actually think that we’re depressed people and expect it of us. I don’t need to know that I’m supposed to be running away at the first sign of discipline at home.


But yes, despite the fact that I don’t read certain genres, I can always make exceptions. But like I said, it’s not because it’s bad or what not, it’s just that it’s not my cup of tea. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

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