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Decode: Adventure: The Crew Behind Them

Decode Adventure

Decode: Adventure started as an adventure column. Most people would know our group as the Adventure Crew, content supplier for Seriously Sarah’s “Sarah Does Singapore”. One year has passed for Sarah Does Singapore and guess what? We’re still not done yet.

But since the last weekend mission was more “Museum Escapades” worthy (hint! hint!) I thought I should take a bit of time off and tell people who these wonderful people are:

(P/S: If you did not do well for Literature or anything that involves heavy inference, I suggest you read the following like a fiction piece. Thank you.)

Sarah Coldheart

They say the toughest of men laugh at the face of danger. Well, we say Sarah Coldheart laughs at the faces of the toughest of men. With Weekend Missions being the brainchild of this enigmatic but rumoured-to-be insane being, it is no wonder that a mere outing with her will turn into an adventure. The Crew have gotten used to it, now they’re prepared for any nook and cranny nonsense that creeps at the corner. Catch her here.

Raven Silvers

Behind an insane investigator will always be the Operations Technician. Boosting enough gadgets to possibly plow through a mob of unrelenting killjoys and spoilsports unscathed, every mission’s op tech surrounds this amazing individual. Lost? Not a problem, Raven Silvers has both map and compass in her pocket equipped with GPS if we wanted it to. But if you’re daring enough, try accessing her site, it may prove a challenge.


When the obvious can’t give any answers, the Science and Logic of things have to be called in to help. Enter Mintea, our Scientist Extraordinaire. With her amazing knowledge of the biology of people and her vast amount of aiding equipment, any cut, scrape, wound or what-not is quickly patched up. Her unending knowledge of flora and fauna also leads us to safety and away from the perils. She can be found here.


She’s a frequent flier, cruiser and traveller. While you may think that it’s difficult to get a hold of her, she appears in front of you. Not only is she known to traverse different parts of the world (especially on water), she is rumoured to go through the fabrics of time, with Ancient Egypt as one of her favourite destinations. Her foreign missions, regardless of through land or time can be found here.

Miss Hallelujah a.k.a. Merlin Harkow

The Magical Harkow is a force not to be reckoned with. Once a powerful wizard on the side of the formidable Parry Hotter and Berlin, she crossed swords with the evil Morgana Siewmai and was turned into a Harkow against her will. Despite that, she has picked up a new form of magic, capturing moments and freezing them in black and white, sepia and with enhanced features. Her scripts can be noted here


Don’t let her petite and pleasant demeanor fool you. She’s a fighter with a cause. A Nerdfighter to be exact. She started as an honorary intern with the Adventure Crew, slowly evolving as she continued with missions with us. Now a roller derby enthusiast and Merlin follower together with The Magical Harkow, she is highly recognised for her nerdfighting efforts and for being the still water that runs deep.

Jolantru a.k.a. J Damask

Our den mother and general seer of the unforeseeable future. Literary events? She’ll be there. Conventions of pure geekery and literature? She’ll be there. Submissions and small presses? She knows them. With a few good books (literally) under her belt, catch her and her never-ending words of wisdom at her online location. Be prepared for literary endeavors and sightings here.

Joelyn Alexandra

Yes it’s me, but you already know that. Everything else has been classified and put into About – Profile. The only thing I should tell you about is this, “Don’t assume that impossible doesn’t happen.” Thank you.

Despite the fact that I’ve already given you a rundown on the gang, there are no pictures for a few reasons:

1) Laptop is still in the shop.
2) It gives them more mystery.
3) All the more to visit them.

Har dee har.

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One thought on “Decode: Adventure: The Crew Behind Them

  1. “Once a powerful wizard on the side of the formidable Parry Hotter and Berlin, she crossed swords with the evil Morgana Siewmai and was turned into a Harkow against her will.” LOL xD

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