Joelyn Alexandra – Launching Again

I’m sure the changes in the site are showcasing something that’s probably too obvious. For those who have read the Hiatus post, this is pretty much my take of New Year, New Look.

While I had the question of rebranding floating in my head the most of last year, I got browsing for wordpress skins. At that point, this particular one fit. Then it was time for everything else. And everything else has revealed or will come to reveal itself soon enough.

The new banner, signature, gravatar and profile are already up but here’s what’s to come:

Book Bitse

Museum Escapades

Book Bites and Museum Escapades keep their functions, with these banners as well. The only difference is that Joelyn Speaks all fall under Updates in its entirety.

Book Bites reprises it’s position every Friday and Museum Escapades whenever I go to one.

Hence, the new but not really new blog sets off again for 2011. So stay tuned and thank you for reading!

Blanket Fortress Logo


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