How 2010 went…

Turn around and another year flies past without much of a thought. 2010 was a great year to say the least, the amount of joys, tears, changes, developments, hopes, dreams and what-nots. That being said, I should have to say that this blog post is meant to have pictures but because the laptop is still in the shop (motherboard change. GRAH.), I have to stick to the desktop.

Without further ado then, let’s get to the year, shall we?:


As we started the regularity that was known as the Adventure Crew adventures under Sarah Does Singapore, I realised we set our sights pretty high. It’s pretty much Bukit Timah and Via Ferrata so you can’t get any higher than that here!

That being said, January was also one of my more spiritual months, with the Majodi Retreat in JB, Malaysia. A great time for reflection and immersing myself in spiritual health with a group of like-minded people away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  • The kickstart of Seriously Sarah’s “Sarah Does Singapore”!
  • Hence, we went to the Via Ferrata and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.
  • Avariel and the self took our own adventure to the Extreme Log Ride in Sentosa 🙂
  • Went to the Majodi Retreat with the rest of the RCIA mates and had a GREAT Spiritual Experience.


Chinese New Year, frankly, is not as big a deal in the House of Joelyn Alexandra’s family. Doesn’t really give you that much of an impact if three generations stay under one roof. Despite that, February marked two main things for the Adventure Crew – the best adventures for 2010 (in my book): offline and in the arcade machine.

  • CHINESE NEW YEAR! Okay it wasn’t THAT eventful so I’m going to skip it.
  • February adventures weren’t much, since CNY was around.
  • And Sarah got her wisdom teeth extracted.
  • But we had the best adventure of going through the Megazip!
  • …and the awesome discovery that was PANIC MUSEUM!!! (Btw, we still have yet to tag team on this!)


March wasn’t much of an eventful month for me because I spent close to three weeks of it in bed, down with Dengue. But I thank all for their prayers, well wishes and blessings that I was not down that badly and recovered smoothly.

  • I was down with Dengue 😦
  • But the rest of the HSWG got to work on stuff that would help Bubble G.U.M.
  • Oh yes, and I invented, “Cheat My Feelings!”


April was probably the most spiritual month I had the entire of 2010 – after close to a year of Catholicism studies, I was finally baptised on Easter Sunday, 2010. Apart from that, most of the adventures here were in my head, while participating in Script Frenzy.

  • Script Frenzy was pretty much uneventful.
  • Made a bet with Raven that I would finish 800 pages but failed miserably (@ 200 odd)
  • And how could I forget? Baptism =) so I officially became Joelyn Alexandra. – The most beautiful ceremony ever.


The most amazing discovery in my Pokemon Gaming Journey ever – Pokemon Gym in Singapore. Okay, I’m not so much into cards and such but VIDEO GAMING!!! Yes,. the Adventure Crew were Pokemon nuts as well.

  • The last Trimester for Uni started. Which meant the start of this awesome new module known as Campaign Management.
  • Adventures here were mostly game related because of the Nintenditis we were giving ourselves because of Pokemon HeartGold/ SoulSilver.
  • Oh yes, and the POKEGYM. (Damn, we still have to go again)


The month of June was dominated by various major events in the lives of the Adventure Crew. Spore Con (by Paradigm Infinitum, brainchild of our dear Den Mother, Jolantru’s hubby), where we expanded our Science Fiction sights and thoughts and the Pokemon Championship Tournament. Nuff Said.

  • SPORE CONVENTION 2010 hosted by Paradigm Infinitum!
  • Met Miss Hallelujah a.k.a Merlin Harkow, another budding writer and newest addition to the craziness that is to come.
  • Met Nicole a.k.a TumbleNC a.k.a Koitern at SPORE Con, now our Token Koitern.


Meeting Miss Hallelujah/ Merlin Harkow also meant the birth of the Valkyrie Knights, the most awesome thing that I would say probably happened to us within the entire of 2010.

  • The start of the awesomeness that was to come: Valkyrie Knights. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf meetings started becoming regular.
  • Mad rush for assignments and stuff, especially with Campaign Management.
  • New Paper Big Walk 2010 – To be honest, the most CMF Big Walk I came to notice.


August was the month that I had many things going on: We went to the zoo, we ate at 18 Chefs etc… I was finally done with university studies and hunting for jobs while I got my wisdom tooth removed as well. August was also the month where we met with Jerrick again, since the 2009 24/7 Hat-py Party.

  • Finally finished with school!
  • National Day was around the corner and I got my wisdom tooth removed, as depicted in haikus.
  • Met Jerrick (@jerricklim), Co-Founder and Queen’s Correspondent of SG Tech Site Tech65. He has then become Token Male Person of the Adventure Crew/ Valkyrie Knights.
  • ZOO!!! And ate at 18 Chefs for the first time.


The Birthday Month landed me a job copywriting. Pretty cool stuff, the people there were nice and the office was cozy. Bar Camp was also in this month, where we ended up exchanging brilliant ideas and established great contact with like-minded people. September, incidentally, was also the month that VK started to evolve into something.

  • Got my first job – Contract/ Freelance Copywriting at an Advertising Creatives company.
  • I turned 22 and ended up on MC during my birthday because of a bad cough.
  • Sarah got my adventur-ish birthday present coming in a form of this activity: Zovbing.
  • The Bar of all Camps — And a great idea that evolved from VK.


Mad rush for preparations of things literary.

  • Mad rush for Bubble G.U.M. before it’s Ultimate Release at the end of the month.
  • Raven’s birthday gave her a surprise… Tee Hee.. with slippers.
  • Wrote my Steampunk story for the upcoming anthology under HSWG.
  • Our very first Science Fiction workshop for students, thanks to NUS High School!


Literary rush for 50,000 words. I think that line says as much as the previous month.

  • Finished my work contract and switched to Freelancing with them.
  • Laid the foundation on three separate novel serials – More details soon.


For the last month of the year, it was definitely my busiest. But I would say it had nothing to do with Christmas or the New Year. The Valkyrie Knights were just busy writing or having fun. For me it was that and job hunting like crazy. And meeting a bunch of cool people.

  • Won the Valerie Cup for Nanowrimo 2010! Whee =)
  • Valkyrie Knights holds her first “AGM” of some sorts — Getting ideas people?
  • Joelyn Alexandra: An Acquired Taste takes a long hiatus to rebrand.
  • Met Justin Lee (@triplez82), Justin Ng (@xjieke), Farinelli (@farinelli), Marina (@rinaz) and her husband Cart and Joel (@dudboi) through Jerrick during XMas Eve.
  • Oh while we’re at that, JUST DANCE HARD MODE 4 STARS!!!

With 2011 already at our doorstep, stay tuned to this site for something up and coming next week!

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