Hiatus. But you probably already guessed it.

Okay I took so long to actually get my butt over here to really blog just to tell the fantastic people who read that I won’t be blogging for the rest of the year. Sweet.

Two weeks left to the year but that’s one thing aside. I think most readers would know that I have been not active for a while. So yes, just to give an update on what has been, is and will be happening.

My shift from ravenazure to Joelyn Alexandra late last year meant I had to do a quick re-branding of the blog just to keep it going. By then I had already set up Joelyn Speaks (all our Adventure-y adventures), Joelyn’s Book Bites (all the literary stuff, or sort of), Joelyn’s Museum Escapades (when we visited museums and stuff).

I still have quite a bit of writing and backlog, I know but I think my wonderful Valkyrie Knights/ Adventure Crew has given more recount than I could ever give, so if you’re here for any recent blog updates, do click on the links under Writers’ Guild, they’re awesome people.

But I digress.

So the branding stuck for about half a year or so until I went for an interview with a Brand Consultancy (which shall not be named). Even though I don’t work in one now, that interview on its own brought about a lot of new perspectives. The most major, vein-pumping one, being this:

How do you brand yourself?

Dammit it was the second-to-most difficult question I had to answer even though I THOUGHT I knew. The most difficult question I ever had to answer was to describe myself in three words.

Same difference.

So since that interview and through the completion of my university education, I did have that question stuck in my head. Sure, I was a fiction writer or love fiction writing in that sense. And museums. Though not all the adventures I had involved museums, the adventures were also great experiences to be penned down in the blog. In the end, I still had no focus.

The second awakening came with the NLB Tweetup, where I met various people who blogged and were known for blogging on various topics. Again, I asked myself, what is my focus? Museums? Just Museums and Adventures? Then where did the literary part go to?

By the time Nanowrimo for this year came, I more or less had an idea on bringing the fiction writing side, a really important side, into the blog itself. On top of that, ensuring that it gelled with the rest of the blog was something to be considered as well.

So yes, coming to the end of this post, that was pretty much the reason why this blog stayed stagnant for the longest time. I will be blogging soon between XMas and NYE for some updates, if my laptop comes back from the workshop or I could hijack the desktop again.

But until then, thanks for reading and keep watching this space. Something is going to happen. I hope.

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