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Joelyn’s Book Bites: #1:44 – HSWG Special

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Many people have been asking, “So how did the launch go? How did the Kick-Off Party go?”

This blog post is the answer.


When the 30th of October 2010 came, I woke up with great excitement, as I would think the rest of the minion crew and our Municipal Liaisons (Seriously Sarah & Raven Silvers) would be as well. The minions of the day included MizHalle (a.k.a. June a.k.a. Miss Hallelujah a.k.a. Merlin Harkow), Nicole (a.k.a. TumbleNC a.k.a Koitern), Avarielle (a.k.a. Avarielislove), Jolantru (a.k.a. Joyce a.k.a. J Damask a.k.a. Den Mother), Mintea (a.k.a. Lina a.k.a. Nerwenfaelvirin), Mint (a.k.a. Darth Mint), Lyn (a.k.a. kentangjambu a.k.a. Accidental Presidency) and the self *phew that’s a lot of “also known as”-es.

The theme for the party, Graphic Novels or Superheroes, meant that the minion gang and other cool people came dressed up. So far we had a Supergirl, Storm, a Sith Lord, a Ninja, even Death made an appearance and many others coming in Steampunk-ish or whatever costume that screamed out cool. I went as a purple Kevlar wearing bodyguard.

MLs Raven Silvers & Sarah Coldheart. That’s me in the middle.
Jolantru and I
MizHalle setting up the “buffet table”

To put it briefly, this event was essentially three events into one:

  • The kick off for the awesome 50,000 word, 30 day journey known as the National Novel Writing Month
  • The book launch for Bubble G.U.M. – a collaborative novel and also the 2nd book from the Happy Smiley Writers Group
  • Some kind of a social session to talk about writerly adventures
Kick-Off Session
MLs talking to the Nano people

Of course, we were selling both Bubble G.U.M. and Happiness at the End of the World at a special price of SGD15, guarded by our lovely Nicole and Avarielle. For information on how to buy both books, click here.

Our babies =)

The kick-off was done as usual, with the announcement of pre-Kick Off Forum games like Pimp My Sentence, earliest Newbie and this new game known as the ‘Origin of your username’. Congratulations to all the winners for this year! The prizes were really good! (*coughs*moleskine*coughs*)

And because we had a theme for the Nanowrimo-ers to dress up in, we had prizes for the winners as well. Congratulations to the winners for this competition!

Death (Actually Notkieran) and I

The end of the session was celebrated via the usual way, with cake! Sarah got a Vegan cake this time so vegetarians and people who were either ova or lactose intolerant could enjoy the cake as well! Great stuff.

So there you have it! The launch of Bubble G.U.M. and the Kick-Off for this year’s National Novel Writing Month. Now I’ve got to continue with my Nano Novel, ciao!

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