Joelyn Speaks: Activities – Abseiling

This is one of the first adventures where I was just a mere spectator so whatever that is said here is purely speculative and not representative of the true feeling of going down a wall stretching a good four levels.

And because Raven Silvers and the self both had coughs and ended up being the group’s photographers and videographers, I shall give you a condensed version of each person and how well they fared.

Mintea went first: calm despite bumpy start and steady before finishing.
Avariel was next: lost her footing and flailed about to get it back.
MizHalle/Merlin Harkow was third: closest to abseiling so far.
Lysistarielle/Tiramisue being second last: Pink Ops! Totally.
The great Seriously Sarah being the great finisher: Tried but… Nahh.

Now I’m not being mean or anything but all these versions mean one thing: with so many things that could go wrong, it’ll probably be better off if the Via Ferrata wall marketed the abseiling as a simulation rather than the real thing.

Because well, you need a flat wall to abseil properly.

You do see where I’m going with this yeah? But nonetheless, it’s just as fun watching and photographing as doing the real thing. Hope to try it out a other time though.

For more information, click here.

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