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Museum Escapades: Red Dot Design Museum

Museum Escapades

Everyone can tell what it is from a distance. The red building that lines the road along the Tanjong Pagar area following the Maxwell building. The AdCrew has always been curious about whatever’s inside the building itself. This time, the art market held there gave us the perfect reason. (Then again, we’ve always got the perfect reason)

Turned out that there was actually an art market when we arrived but let me talk about the general structure of the interior, since everyone’s pretty familiar with how it looks on the outside.

While the exterior looks huge, the interior is actually like a village within a building with the Red Dot Design Museum forming only one of the many spaces within the building. The Red Dot Design Museum presents itself with a sleek noir entrance, where visitors moved into a courtyard-like area before going into the main museum.

The first thing you see when you enter the museum

The main museum had a main hall in the middle with various alcoves with different objects of a similar theme on display. Smart way of utilising space when you don’t have galleries upon galleries of space.

Like the name suggests, Red Dot Design Museum features works of design and the genius of combining it with engineering, resulting in great product design. Most of the display items are actually stuff you see on a regular basis, like kitchen appliances, computers and even tupperware.

The ergonomics of writing instruments?

Somehow or rather, I felt that the interior of the museum was downplayed a little, mostly due to the art market that was going on at the same time. Another reason to go back again.

However, it was quite pleasant to enjoy the art market and whatever activities they had there. We wanted to try OIC Portrait Painting but the queue was a bit too long. Maybe next time 🙂

But we did have fun with painting umbrellas, $10 for an umbrella that is specially made by yourself for yourself. Mintea, Avariel and Sarah made their own umbrellas. I helped Lina out.

Mintea and the ladybug “parasol”

So yes, I’ll definitely go back to the Red Dot Design Museum. Not to mention that they are located at one of the best places in Singapore (in my opinion) – the Tanjong Pagar area where the favourite bookstore, Books Actually is located – so it gives me more reason.

For more information, click here.

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