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Joelyn’s Book Bites: #1:41

Book Bitse

As some of you may have noticed, the National Novel Writing Month is dawning upon us. Which means that the deadline for the Steampunk Anthology as created by the Happy Smiley Writers Group is upon us as well (31st October). Oh snap!

To be honest, Steampunk is a bit of a challenge to me because for starters, I don’t really steam punk, probably just playing casual games set in steampunk eras at most. So in order to maintain the accuracy to the era, I was scanning possible historical events to use.

So this is a sneak peek of what I came up with:

“Alexander Kristos, a renowned craftsman in the Greek island of Crete, finds himself in the need to flee when his best friend, a scholar, was killed in the midst of the Greek War of Independence.

With his adoptive son, a Chinese native called Daren and a Spanish female steam ship captain, Adrianne, Kristos reunites with the rebellion brotherhood he has joined in order to take back what the warlords have taken away from the people of Crete.”

It may or may not change but I’d say it will need a lot of polishing. And pumping in the steam. Har di har har.

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