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Joelyn’s Book Bites: #1:40

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I’m sure that most of the people who are reading this have also read Seriously Sarah’s latest literary post with regards to the Happy Smiley Writers Group so I guess it won’t be a surprise to most of you when I say…

Cover shot courtesy of Seriously Sarah


Yes, the collaborative Science Fiction novel that the HSWG has set out to do is finally coming to fruition!

For those who have supported pour previous publication – “Happiness at the End of the World”, you would have had a preview of what GUM could be about since there was a sneak preview at the back of the book (and the people scramble off to look at the preview)

But just to give everyone a chance to get a glimpse of what the story really is about, here’s a blurb to make you wonder,

So it’s Singapore in 2045. We’re still here, protected by a film of gum surrounding the entire island. Priscilla “Prix” Chan, daughter of the Head of Treasure Repository U15, Pierre Chan and overprotective mother Su, enters National Service together with many other 18 year olds like her. Always wanting to join the Bubble Defence Force (BDF), Prix is excited, not knowing what’s in store for her.

Little does she know that her first week in National Service would already entail a whole load of adventures, from mutated sea bass to hot room mates to dolphin speak to scheming sergeants and not forgetting a hunky enigma with a distinct Australian accent. Top it off with the risk of losing the GUM and putting its people on the brink of destruction, National Service will probably be something totally unforgettable for Prix Chan.

… curious yet? Bubble G.U.M. Officially launches at the Kick-Off party for Nanowrimo, Singapore, 30th October 2010. It will be available online on Two Trees pretty much soon =).

Support the local literary scene! We do too have people who write quality stuff about action and adventures!

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