Joelyn Speaks: Activities – Karaoke

This, you could say, was the combined birthday celebration of Mintea and Joelyn Alexandra. HEE.

It was funny because initially we wanted to switch to something else to do for the day but ended up going for it after a milkshake session at Swensen’s. K-Box of the day? We made our choice at *SCAPE because it was slightly cheaper. Or so we think.

Mintea viewing the KTV stories while waiting for our turn.

So yes, us being the AdCrew that we were, we chose a whole random list of songs (I SANG CANTONESE!!!) ranging from Pussycat Dolls, Spice Girls, Santana, Britney to Justin TIMBERLAKE (not the other one) and other stuff. That was one thing. Deliberately singing out of tune for the fun of it was another.

The room was quite small, seeing the fact that it was supposed to be a Large room for all four of us. Still it was pretty cosy and everyone could hear everyone’s deliberate off-key voices.

There were some songs which had their music videos edited to other karaoke versions and most of them tend to be totally unrelated to the song. Lina and Avariel had to stop halfway for Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life” because it’s supposed to be this dark, action song but the video turned out to be this guy falling into a pool at the climatic pause before the chorus and him trying to drag the girl into the pool for the rest of the song.

We all laughed so hard we had to stop.

One thing I do like about *SCAPE’s K-Box is the fact that it is auto-closure. Meaning that if you’ve booked two hours, the programme will only run for 2 hours. Nobody to chase you out, no need to be concerned about extra charge if you overrun.

The day ended with us going to Botak’s Favourites all the way at Woodlands again and you know how we’re like with the Botak’s Favourites in Woodlands. But overall, I wouldn’t say that we were the best Glee club. But I’d say the AdCrew is the best crew you could actually have an entertaining session with. Regardless of tone deafness or not.


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