Joelyn's Book Bites

Joelyn’s Book Bites: #1:39

Book Bitse

I want to squeal…


This year is going to be highly interesting because I’ll be attempting a few NaNovels, instead of a single one. But this would actually mean a crazy lot of planning.

At the moment, the pending planning has yet to materialise because Lana (my iPad) has yet to arrive and Franzy (my laptop) has yet to recover from the virus. GRARGH.

1) My Steampunk Short – Elementum Victum
2) Autumn Deception’s replan
3) The Chroniclers’ story plan
4) Clan’s story plan
5) HSWG brand…

And all the other blogs that are sitting in my pending tray. Hmm… this November is gonna be interesting =)

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