Joelyn Speaks: Places – The Singapore Flyer

Some people say it’s awesome. Some say it’s overrated. Some don’t really care.

But despite what others side, the AdCrew (Sarah, Avariel, Mintea, Raven and the self), together with guest star of the day – Tech65 co-founder Jerrick, went up and took a flight on the Singapore Flyer…

…because we had free passes (from the New Paper Big Walk) and 25% off those who didn’t have the passes. HAH.

A Flyer Capsule. Photo courtesy of Mintea.

If you’ve read my post on Zovbing, Sarah and myself, together with Avariel and Raven (who came with us to watch us Zovb) left the general Bukit Timah area to head to the Flyer. Jerrick was already there at  “Flight Experience”, another attraction within the Flyer area itself (they deal mostly in flight simulation) so we went to meet the guy before getting the tickets.

Personally, I’ve been to the Flyer and to be honest, there wasn’t really much about it. The fact that I went while Marina Bay Sands (MBS) was still under construction left it to not much reason on why one would think that the Singapore Flyer was nothing much.

However, I would say that the company matters way more. With the AdCrew girls and the guest star around, anything unsightly or still under construction probably didn’t matter. We were too busy looking at the great scenery, camwhoring or generally photo-bombing others. HAHA.

We were actually waving to the people in the capsule ahead of us. Photo courtesy of Mintea.

The only thing that was fazing us was the fact that the Flyer was moving and stopping during the entire journey. It was a slow and gradual stop and start but my sensitive head, coupled with the Flyer’s movements, I had a headache during the descent. Nothing major though.

After which, we headed down to the gift store to take a look at our “family” photograph. Something nice to add into my AdCrew scrapbook-like collection. And something nice for Jerrick to bring with to UK =).

Our Family Portrait =). Photo courtesy of Sarah.

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