Joelyn Speaks: Activities – Zovbing

Our feelings got cheated on this one… BUT in a good way, so good we decided to forget about complaining. HAH!

We went Zovbing this week.

Sarah, Rosemarie & Moi


For those who have no idea about what I’m spouting about, Zovbing is when you get into this huge transparent ball (the one we’re posing with) and you roll down a hill while in it, simply put.

So Sarah won a pass for a session of two rolls and she went to ask around the Adventure Crew, so I said ok and she got another friend, Rosemarie to join in as well. It was $50 for two rolls in a harnessed ball, meaning you get to go upside down and spinny.

When we reached there, we saw that it was a wide, gentle slope behind Methodist Girls’ School (MGS). They were inflating two Zovb balls as we were walking up and this is when Sarah said to me, “This is my birthday present for you!” HAHAHAHA.

Getting the harnessed ball ready.
Best Birthday Present evah!!!

So yes, Sarah and I went down first, going “WOOHOO!!!!” as we rolled down the hill. For this version, we got rolled down by a couple of the Zovbing guys. A couple of really buffed up Zovbing guys. HAHAHA.

The roll down was really cool, then came the hard part: Which was the Hamster Walk. What? You think we had the machine that carries the balls up? HAH.

Yeah so after hiking up the slope and falling at least three times because you’re practically in a giant plastic ball that felt melty in the heat, we were finally at the top, highly dehydrated and tired. HAHAHA. That being said though, it was a great experience.


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