Joelyn Speaks: Places – The Mind Cafe

After a few ponders, I’ve come to a conclusion that this will be one of the few Joelyn Speaks posts without pictures, despite it being one of the most fun Adventure Crew, you will come to know why in a bit.

This adventure stars the usual motley crew: Avariel, Mintea, Raven, Sarah, the self and guest appearances from TumbleNC and Mangy Mongrel =). Seven of us heading for an adventure to The Mind Cafe.

To give a background, The Mind Cafe is similar to that of Settlers Cafe, only that The Mind Cafe offers a wider range of boardgames (in my opinion), especially with all the really cool games that they import from other countries. To top it off, The Mind Cafe has this thing known as The Happy Hour, where you pay a fixed rate, get free flow of drinks, a discount on main courses and 4 hours of non-stop gaming. Teh coolness.

So yes, we headed to The Mind Cafe, Boat Quay since it had the game we wanted (actually, I wanted =P) to play. Apparently it was also booked for a few huge parties which we ended up got stuck in between, not that it was a problem. Hee.

After ordering and all that, we finally settled down and played this game called “Adversity” (!!!) It’s an advertising game where you were supposed to use slogans given to you to advertise for one out of four products. The rest of the people playing have to guess what you’re advertising and the amount of cash you get reflects the amount of people getting their guesses correct.

T’was a long time since I went to Mind Cafe to play something like that but it was incredibly fun. It was crazily fun when the product cards showcased brand names and no one had any idea what they were because it was Americanised.

The next game we played was more exciting, a word game with a toy bomb within the box set: Pass The Bomb. What this game entailed was a stack of word parts, like “Ed” or “Ff” or “El”, you get my drift. And a throw of the dice provided will let everyone know if those word parts are meant to be at the front or back of words. After which, someone sets the toy bomb ticking and everyone has to “pass the bomb” while reciting the word that fits with the word part.

Amusing thing here was that we added another rule to the game: We could use words from any origin, as long as it was a word. Let’s just say words like “Ah-Den” and “Ai-See-Bo!” came into the picture. HAH.

In the end, it only came up with 12 bucks odd a person because of the Happy Hour promotion, something worth going for since it was free flow of drinks and 4 hours of gameplay. I would say it’s best to book a table for weekend slots because it tends to get crowded.

For more information on The Mind Cafe, click here.

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