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Due to “popular” demand and my incessant updates on this plan while I do the plans for my novels, I’ve decided to post this up for my book bites this week =)


– many thanks to my lecturer, Piya Chee on introducing this plan to us PR students –

“The plan is so flexible, you can use it for anything apart from just PR. You can use it for a career plan, an events plan or even how to get a boyfriend.” (Chee, 2010, Career Workshop)

Yeah okay, apart from the last point, the 10 point plan can be made flexible to plan out anything that you may feel lost about planning. My example here showcases the 10 point plan made in accordance to novel plots.

Disclaimer: Whatever you’re about to see later on is just an example. As said previously, it’s flexible so you can change it to suit your style and stuff.


10 Point Plan – Novel Content Style

  • Background Information/ Situational Analysis/ SWOT

This is the first ever thing you’ll need to do if you want to get anything done – Research. That or background information. There are different ways you can go about doing this depending on your novel. If your novel is Character Driven, the Character’s brief background can go here. If your novel is Plot Driven, the situation where the plot is taking place within can go here.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. I usually use this when I want to talk about the novel and its marketability in general.

  • Goal

What you want at the end of the book. Simply put.

  • Objectives

Things you want to achieve within the story that will help you attain your goal. (E.g. The villain has to come out by Chapter 12/ Introduce all the characters by Chapter 5) They usually serve as shorter and smaller deadlines to get the ultimate goal. I usually use this section to point out key aspects of the story.

  • Target Publics

Who the novel story’s for.

  • Message

What you want to tell people in your novel. This section pretty much serves as your synopsis or main plot/ storyline.

  • Strategy/ Strategic Structure

Okay, people start getting confused here because Strategy is not something you can really think about off the bat. This is a general overview of how you will achieve your goal. If that’s too general, I usually use the approach-leverage method. Like so: Leveraging on the organisation’s brand and identity, the story will take a professional character-based approach in a white collared environment…

Or something along that line. Important thing about Strategy is this: the Strategy looks at the long term approach to achieve the ends of the story.

P/S – Do not place the details of what you will do here. That’s the function of the next point.

  • Tactical Planning

This is where all the details come along. You plan your sections, chapters, relationships and character development here.

Tactical Planning means short term approaches that fit within the Strategy, which is the long term approach.

  • Timeline

I usually put in two timelines here, one to mark out the timeline of the novel itself, and one to mark out the timeline of the creation of the novel. The latter I just note down for easier organisation. It’s up to you whether or not you want to put just one or more.

  • Budget

If you’re talking about writing the novel, budget here doesn’t exactly have that much of an impact unless you’re talking about time budget (how many hours a day etc…) or if you want to set aside coffee money for inspirational binges at your favourite cafe. Again, up to you.

  • Evaluation

The last step of the 10 point plan and probably the most important one despite how easy it is to write on paper. This section will have you write the steps that you will take to ensure that your novel has reached its purpose. Or rather, it has turned out the way you want it to be. Usually I just add two main steps here: Cross-editing & Proofreading.


So yes, that’s my 10 point plan when it comes to planning novels. It’s useful for preliminary planning, where you know what’s going to happen but aren’t sure about putting in the details about it. I find that this serves as a good general gauge as to see where the story is going before moving further into the details.

Hence, the 10 point plan. Thank you.

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