Project: Curation

Project: Curation: 3D puzzling, Knitting & Crocheting

Project Curation

The week’s adventure was one of the few adventures we actually sat down throughout without it being writer related. Avariel, Sarah, Mintea and the self went to the cafe on the third level of the National Library, a nice quiet spot to do whatever we wanted for that morning.

Avariel and Mintea were in the midst of knitting projects. Sarah was in the middle of her Crochet skull cap project. For me? I have yet to pick up a needle since I was 13 for Home Economics. I stuck to assembling this 3D puzzle slated for my cousin’s coming birthday.

But before we actually started our stuff, we noticed something as we sat:

The moth size in comparison to my hand.

Raven would’ve freaked if she was around. We did. Okay, we didn’t go into a huge flailing frenzy but we were like, “WHOA!!” We didn’t know moths could be that big on the 3rd level. So there you go, side story to keep yourself amused.

So for my side, it started with 52 transparent, similar looking pieces that was supposed to form into a treasure chest that could be locked and unlocked with a key. Formation was relatively easy, seeing that there was this instruction sheet showing how the pieces were to fit together.

All 52 pieces spread out across the table.

In the end, the result was this treasure chest, one hour after we all met. At this point, the rest of the girls were saying that they had to stop their knitting/ crocheting because the repetitive motion takes a toll on the fingers if you don’t wear thimbles.

The opened end product
Under lock and key =)

Convinced that we all needed to call it a day on the execution front, we all ended up going to GnB comics and later to Spotlight. HEE.

There you go, one of our shortest adventures but knowing us, it was probably filled with the usual random nonsense atop all the creative stuff that was happening that day. Hee.

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