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Museum Escapades: Singapore Zoological Gardens

Museum Escapades

Or zoo for short. And this pretty much marks the first commercial tourist spot adventure for the AdCrew (Avariel, Mintea, Raven, Sarah and the self), or rather, the first commercial tourist spot with a heck of a lot of profile.

The entrance. Tree’s blocking the last “O”.

Avariel, Sarah and myself met at Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange, where the bus 138 went straight to the zoo itself. Mintea got there on her own since she was able to get to the zoo faster from where she lived. Either way, Avariel, Sarah and myself came to the zoo and were greeted not just by the sign but also by Tree People!

It was quite interesting but no one seemed to want to go near them =(

The queue was massive, considering that it was a Saturday morning/ afternoon and as we found out later, there was a company Family Day going on in the zoo itself. So naturally this place was packed with people.

While waiting for Raven to arrive from training, we started with the gift shop, so that Sarah could get a hat. Or rather, we went through the gift shop for the fun of it and Sarah saw a hat and got it.

Generally speaking, the Singapore Zoological Gardens adopt a rather open-air concept for most of their enclosures. You’ll see what I mean when you actually head there yourself. Most animals are so close and their enclosures, so open to the point that you’d actually think they can jump across (But they won’t, don’t worry).

Otters clumping together.
The ever popular White Tiger. Orange Tigers are just as beautiful, if you ask me.
Orang Utans swinging freely over visitors.
I don’t know if it’s a trend but Zebras always point their butts towards the visitors. ???

Another thing that’s quite interesting about the zoo is the fact that you pretty much go to different “safaris” of the world within the same place. So it’s not just animals’ you’re looking at but also the cultures that live around them. Exhibition areas here include stuff like “Outback Australia”, where the kangaroos, marsupials and emus roam free in an outback-like environment…

“Free range” kangaroo
If kangaroos wore shoes, hmm…

Another exhibition area we went to was the “Elephants of Asia” exhibit, where we caught the Elephant show, in the midst of which Raven called to say that she was on the way from training. And I told her that a tree just fell in the midst of the conversation (part of the show, of course)… oh well, another typical conversation with the Adventure Crew there.

A very indo-chinese entrance
Elephants coming out for the show =)
Elephants lifting tree trunks… a rare photo op, according to the presenter.

The Fragile Forest, featuring insects, reptiles and forest animals was closed for upgrading so we went to the exhibition for the Hamadryas Baboons of Ethiopia instead. This exhibition has been around for quite some time but I still think it’s probably the most interesting or interactive one not only because it has quite a number of animals within an area, but it’s designed in such a way that one would feel within a mud village or something similar.

Something that always impresses me about these special exhibit-like enclosures are the apt looking entrance signs. Weird but true.
The baboons and the heightened platforms they live along.
Within a village hut. There were many others, actually.
The entrance to an “archaeological” site.
This is actually the entrance/ exit to the place but it really looks like the Adventure Crew going into some alternate, alien place. HAH.

After walking like crazy and lunch at a super crowded KFC, we found a really Adventure-ish corner of the zoo, as if it was waiting for us to discover it. Well, technically it was a hidden corner of Kidz World but it was full of low-level Forest Adventure/ Megazip ClimbMax stuff like balance beams, walls and this river crossing thing which we did cross by pulling this rope across the river.

From what I said after the whole adventure, “We come to the zoo to go on some physical adventure, not to look at animals.” HAH.

That was followed with more walking until we came to the Giraffe enclosure just at the right time… FEEDING. It was 5 bucks on a first-come first-served basis, so we got lucky.

Giraffes waiting to be fed =)
Mintea feeding them a piece of sweet potato.

Without going into a suggestive mode, Giraffe tongues are seriously VERY LONG. You just hold up the carrot or sweet potato and they just come at you like nothing. GOSH.

Finally, as we were all getting tired and stuff, we headed down to the Polar Bear exhibit… I just had to, it’s been a tradition since I was 5. Zoo? Polar Bear enclosure, no questions asked.

To be honest while everyone was kinda sitting there, begging the Polar Bears to get into the water so that they can take pictures, all I was thinking about was, “GROMER!!!!” (from Biophilia, as written by Wena Poon).

The end of this adventure had some of us (Sarah, Avariel, Raven & the self) waiting for a cab with Mintea while we headed to Simei for 18 Chefs and Mintea went back home. But seriously speaking, it was one of our most intensive adventures, with all that walking and stuff to see and probably the one with the most sights and randomness.

If you asked me, I’d say go back on a weekday if you can, where you can literally have the whole place to yourself. HAH. But weekends are relatively fine despite it looking packed because well, it’s a wide space, so you won’t have that much of a problem squeezing with everyone.

For more information on the Singapore Zoo, click here.

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