Joelyn Speaks: Events – NLB Meetup

My Wednesday evening on the previous week was filled with this event known as the NLB Meetup. Organised by the National Library of Singapore, this event was to have active users of social media come together to network and witness the launch of the myLibrary application on Facebook.

My attendance to this event was with Sarah, Mintea, June & Avariel.

Sarah, Mintea and I were early so we went to sign up and “pre-dinner” that was spread out for us. June came in slightly later and we managed to run into Nicole, Claudia and DK in the process. While everyone was busy with the sweet stuff, chicken wings and puffs, we took our requisite shots.

Requisite Snack Table shot
Requisite Goodie Bag content photo
Requisite shoes that were here shot. HAHA.

A few speeches with regards to Social Media came later: There was Liana a.k.a. Spoon Rabbit, Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman and the head of NLB, Dr. Varaprasad, who officially launched the NLB myLibrary app that can be found on Facebook.

The app on its own works like any ol’ app from Facebook, but in a more localised fashion. This means you’ll have stuff that’s more focussed and won’t have those weird “The database cannot find your book” notices when you look for locally written stuff as compared to other book-related apps.

Also, you could share your borrowing lists with your friends, so they’ll kinda have an idea of what you like to read. (P/S – This is why I only read SOME books at the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library =P) Although there’s always this privacy setting where you can choose not to share it. But either way, it’s good fun.

Moving on, the library has also set up this thing called and Infopedia (Wiki much?), which kind of serves as a wikipedia of its sorts. I used to just use the online services to find scholarly papers for my essays =P.

Dr. Varaprasad launching the app.
Sivasothi’s presentation.
Liana’s presentation featuring Molly, the mobile library bus =)

The picture as shown above is dedicated to one of my students, Franciscus Frederick. He’s crazy about vehicles, especially buses and has been dying to actually see Molly. So here it is! HAH.

Moving on, we went onto dinner at the Dance Village (HAHA!) and yes, it was a huge spread. We’re talking prawns in shot glasses, sashimi and scallops in their shells.

Other requisite buffet shot. HAH!
Forks in a flowery pattern.

This was when we all made the Chopstickian and Forker jokes – because there were chopsticks for sushi and Sarah was like, “I’m a Chopstickian!” Right. MOVING ON…

Whilst everyone was having their brain food and such, we were all mingling and taking pics and logging onto the macbooks to add the myLibrary app. Managed to meet Dr. Kevin Lim a.k.a. brainopera and he’s apparently from the National Art Gallery, Singapore (!!!) so we exchanged name cards and stuff. HEE. My Museum Escapades column is going to get a bit more interesting =)

Soon in the midst of all the food and merriment, the lucky draw was in order. We were given numbers at registration and they would just pick any random number to win four different prizes.

Picking the lucky numbers…
Sarah wins Iron Man headphones!!
The lucky winners of the night =)

Yes, so Sarah won a pair of Iron Man headphones from the lucky draw. Damn the AdCrew has impeccable luck winning stuff at lucky draws and games, especially when the word “Phone” is involved. HAH. Plus, it’s Sarah with the Iron Man headphones, apt match much?

It was definitely cool, attending this event. Walked away with new contacts, new opportunities and in Sarah’s case, a new pair of accessories. So yeah, I’d say I’ll be looking forward to the next blogger’s meeting, that’s for sure =)

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