Joelyn Speaks: Events – LIVE @ Esplanade

When I was in my third year of my polytechnic education, there was an elective module known as “Conventions & Exhibitions”. I wanted to take that module but unfortunately, it clashed with another elective module I wanted, “Acting & Directing”.

Fast forward two years: Raven Silvers, who’s in her third year now, took Conventions & Exhibitions. And they came up with the event: LIVE @ Esplanade, held at the Esplanade Library 24th July =). We (Mintea, Sarah Coldheart & myself) went down.

A very welcoming sign board.

The event was to place the library@esplanade as the go-to place for art-related stuff like Dance, Music, Theatre and Film, which were the four villages to be explored later on to get a super packed goodie bag, filled to the brim with freebies and discounts =).

What we had to do for our stamp here was to either guess or sing along to a song from a soundtrack of our choice. I sang along because I saw the track numbers of the Daughtry CD I chose. Oops. But still, I got the stamp before we headed off to the Dance station.

The stamp of approval on Music =P
Moving to the Dance Station

Another relatively easy station. A dance instructional video played on one of their Macbooks and we had to follow. Got it quite quickly because we went with the instructions while it played. So we got our stamp =). Then came a talk with one of their guests: Alaric Tay.

Alaric with emcees Marisa & Roxanne

Sarah went to ask some question about arcade machines in one of Alaric’s films. The only thing that was going through my head then was, “You want the machines right?!” It was quite amusing though I thought using “The Noose” to describe Alaric’s acting was a tad like grasping onto straws? I knew “Shivers” man!!! And there were other great pieces of work where he was involved.

Other than that, the discussion was quite interesting, with Alaric entertaining everyone quite well.

Moving on, we later went to the Theatre and Film villages. Theatre was crazy funny because the three of us had to read out a scene in a script. Us being the sci-fi geek-esses we were, we took Star Wars and a scene where Mintea was Hans, Sarah was Leia and I was reading for Luke. WTH. HAHAHA. Sarah was trying (keyword: TRYING) to do the Chewbacca sound effects when needed though. IT WAS HILARIOUS.

Our grand page of Hans, Luke & Leia. HAHA.
Our stamp =)

But yes, we got our stamps before heading onto the next and final station, the Film station.

And this was probably the most entertaining village because we were one of the few who got through it very quickly. The task was to enter this super dark DVD entertainment room and put on blindfolds while trying to guess the movie that is playing.

Here’s the scene in script:

DVD Player Guy: Okay, so here’s the movie
<plays DVD>
<5 seconds later>
Joelyn Alexandra: Made of Honour.
DVD Player Guy: Huh?! Okay, now guess the scene.
Joelyn Alexandra: When he wants his friends to help with the baskets and stuff.
<DVD Player Guy remains speechless>
Mintea: Actually can we listen to another movie?
DVD Player Guy: Okay, you can try another one.
<plays DVD>
<5 seconds later>
Mintea: Lord of the Rings, when Bilbo says he doesn’t want anything.

When we got out to get our stamps, I swore I heard DVD Player guy tell one of his classmates, “They guessed Made of Honour and Lord of the Rings super quickly!” And the response was a very disbelieving, “SUCKS!!!” HAHAHA. But we got our stamp anyways.

We went to do this extra activity known as Dialogue in the Dark, which was a movement to raise awareness and educate people about the lifestyle of the visually impaired, similar to what we did in the Film Village. So there was this activity where I was blindfolded and Mintea and Sarah had to tell me what to do.

The real fish vs. the fish I drew when I was blinded… I mean, blindfolded.

Plus, they have their own station at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, something we could do in our future adventures so stay tuned!

Overall speaking, I would say that this event, though it tired out the Convex students like crazy, was a great one. The fact that it’s already going well enough in another place already gives them a plus point. They might have gotten countless advice and help from their lecturers but if they themselves weren’t capable enough, something like this wouldn’t even have pulled.

So I’d say thumbs up on this =) to the Convex students of this semester.

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