Joelyn Speaks: Events – 987FM Studio Launch @ SCAPE

Firstly, I would like to thank Rozz from the previous Shan & Rozz show for putting up the question, “What does the A stand for in Vernon A.?” with passes to the studio launch. I would also like to thank the Muttons for emailing me during my days in CTV, Ngee Ann Polytechnic because it was through then that I knew the answer. Finally, I would like to thank the people at 987FM for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the 987FM Studio Launch @ SCAPE.

And that was where we went to on the 16th July, 7.00PM

We (Sarah, Avariel, Lyn a.k.a. kentangjambu) registered and queued and boy was there a queue. So we ended up killing time by updating Lyn about the Mints movie or rather, bashing the Mints movie together with Lyn, which resulted in the queue giving Lyn the idea that she should write a fan fiction.

But I digress. I apologise, the queue was that long.

The queue into the studio.

When we finally got towards the front of the studio, we realised that we were the third batch to go for the studio tour. When we entered, Shan was out front and boy was he tall. HAH. The studio was SO COOL. And it was a fish tank concept so people could go and take a look at the 987 DJs at work.

Entrance to the studio.
The Live Performance Area with Rozz and Georgina Chang
DJs Jacqui, Mr. Young and Divian

I quote Mr. Young on this though, if we do funny things at the fish tank area, we’re liable to have “the security chase us away.” HAHA. Though it brings up a valid point though. Can you imagine the traffic at SCAPE if 987FM like interviews 30 Seconds To Mars in their studio? *OMGOSH I think you’ll need to bring the SWAT down*

Fish tank concept, imagine the mob when popular bands come.

The tour was quite a blast from my Poly Radio past, only cooler. HAH. So after the tour it was our way towards the performance area, where West Grand Boulevard was already there, ready to perform for us. There were a few games in between, hosted by the Muttons (!!!) and Young and Des.

Sylvia and Sezairi performed for us later but halfway through Sezairi’s performance, Lyn and Avariel got hungry so we all went to use our given coupons and got free dinner =)

Ticket to free dinner =)

Nando’s rocks!!!

Generally speaking, Congratulations to 987 on moving to their new home! Hope this new location brings them more listeners, more great guests and more amazing programmes =).

For 987FM =)

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