Joelyn Speaks: Activites – Making Coin Moulds

It was the 1st Anniversary of the Singapore Coins and Notes Museum and we got some information from a fellow blogger Hisham that the Singapore Coins and Notes Museum was having a “Coin Making Workshop” that was set at $17 for the first 17 people to sign up for it. So AdCrew being the AdCrew (Sarah, Avariel, Mintea, Raven), we went for it.

From perspective.
On Screen

It’s located opposite the Chinatown Heritage Centre, on the upper levels of this row of shophouses. No wonder people were worried about where to find it! But before we actually got up three levels, there was something ultra steampunk-ish and cool that greeted us at the entrance of the building.

Don’t sneer, it actually works!

So up the elevator and into the Museum itself, we signed up, paid and went to the workshop, which was located at a balcony aside the first part of the museum itself. It was open air so the ventilation meant we didn’t feel too warm or anything.

The set up for us.

So were making the coin plaster moulds and not the coin. Either way, it was to be fun for we are the AdCrew (Okay, I didn’t just type that). We got a bag with plaster powder, a cup to put water in, an array of paints, a paint brush, a mask and plastic apron, a plastic stand for the coin, plastic bind and the rubber receptacle to pour the plaster in. Which looks like this:

Merly makes an appearance!
The individual set-up.

So the first step to our coin making adventure was to put on protective gear. Which was much easier than it was in Royal Selangor. HAHA.

Yes, I wear glasses.

Then all we had to do later was to mix the plaster powder with water to pour into the receptacle to have it set over time. Just insert the plastic rope at an angle in the mould and we were pretty much set. After that we went for a tour around the museum, which I would keep for my Museum Escapades later on =P.

After a museum tour of two levels and a video, we were brought to this machine which caught our attention from the very start of the visit: The minting machine. We got coin blanks like so:

The coin blank and the red velvet bag it came in.

And had to insert the blank into the machine like how you would put coins in a vending machine. Then we got to see the minting process.

Minting in progress
And it’s done!
Exclusive coin from the Singapore Coin and Notes Museum!

The coin is now with my mum because she loves collecting coins. Haha. Thought it’ll make a somewhat okay belated birthday present.

But back to where we started, the plaster has already somewhat set. We used the towels given to us to absorb the excess moisture and speed up the drying process. There were no hairdryers like those in CSI so we had to make do. So from this…

It became this…
It looks soooooo smooth =P

After removing the top layer of moisture, we went straight to the painting. Sarah was painting a Merly and Raven was painting hers four different colours because it broke during the hardening process. Here’s my super messy one after trying to put colours and blending everything everywhere.

Joelyn Alexandra’s super messy coin. HAH.

Something calls for hairdryers and silver/bronze paint! Hee. But we had fun though, like Royal Selangor (which was D&T all over again), this was kinda like Art Studio all over again.

But be sure to look out for more artistic adventures as we go into Artistic August with the Adventure Crew. So stay tuned!

For information on the Singapore Coins and Notes Museum, click here.

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