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Museum Escapades: History Room @ Hotel Puri, Malacca

Museum Escapades

From my previous post on the Malacca trip which I took in June, I mentioned that I went to the History Room within our hotel, Hotel Puri. Somehow or rather, it was some kind of a mini-museum that’s within the hotel with some kind of a quaint feel, so here’s the post on it.

The History Room, Hotel Puri, Malacca

It was within one of the little nooks of the hotel so you needed to search for it. Nonetheless, the first thing you’ll see is this cute little Malay house at the entrance, complete with plants and stairs into the house.

Rumah Kecil. But very cute =)

Malacca is often known for its Peranakans and their culture. While this History Room does have a little influence from the Peranakan culture that is so pre-dominant in Malacca, I’m actually quite relieved that this room left a lot of Peranakan culture out of its interior, since you could easily take a look at the Peranakan culture at almost every corner of Jonker Street, where Hotel Puri was situated near.

Instead, the History Room focussed more on the founding and development of Malacca, from its Portuguese and Dutch founders, to the arrival of Admiral Cheng Ho, to the Japanese Occupation. The interior is small but cozy, which meant you could go through the mini-museum in one fell swoop.

View of the entrance from the back of the room.

The round table that greets you at the entrance serves as a central point of the room, where you start at one corner and go through the entire History Room in one round.

The place had mostly paintings and photographs on the walls, old photographs from the old days and maps of the old Malacca and villages. However, I thought this corner was a corner worth mentioning because if Avariel doesn’t freak, at least the rest of the AdCrew will because it writes STEAMPUNK all over.

Ship models on the wall.

Ship models were fixated at this corner of the room to show the Dutch and Portuguese ships that docked at Malacca in the past. There were also models of soldiers and the treasures they brought with them. Kind of like a smaller scale (much smaller) of the “Ancient Treasure Ships” exhibit.

Treasures in the room.
Soldier and his cannon. Looks like it though.

But while this place was tiny and stuff, I thought it was an interesting addition to a hotel. While most heritage hotels try besting the usual commercial hotels or try attracting customers with stuff like spa and all that, this interesting nook in the building gives it a plus point.

Not exactly a museum of sorts but I guess it’s something worth checking out, whether or not it’s to wait for check out time or just waiting for your other friends and stuff. Plus, the little house in the front of it makes a cute photo opportunity.

So this is me, signing off.

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