Next-in-Reading: Joelyn’s Book Bites: #1:27

Next In Reading

Yes, it’s me on Book Bites again. And today’s news is that I’ve finally managed to read Lim Kah Beng’s “21st Century Slaves”! So that’s two thrillers written by people stationed in Southeast Asia, including that of Quantum Breach (by Mark Powell). Being someone who dabbles in crime/ thriller fiction, I went to read both and these are my findings:



  • Both novels involve industrial-related turned capital crimes (Quantum with economic corruption for underground operations, 21st with human cloning for organ trade)
  • Both protagonists are male, over 35 and Caucasian
  • Both are professionals in their industry thrown into hot soup involuntarily
  • Both had ex-wives
  • Both authors are experts in the line of the respective industries mentioned in the stories

Apart from everything else, I have to say that in most crime thrillers which I’ve read, the male protagonist always seems to have an ex-wife. Drama much?

On the other side of the coin, however, I found a few interesting differences. Starting off with the settings of both novels.

Hope I didn’t give away too much but that is pretty much the gist of what could possibly happen between both stories. Forgot to mention this just now but I have also broken the comparisons into two main aspects: Settings and Protagonists. Despite the fact that the protagonist pretty much share the same demographic, here’s how they’re different.

So there you go, the two comparisons of the two crime thrillers that I’ve read. It’s just a basic, on-the-surface kind of comparison but I’m sure people who have read this (Don’t blame me about spoilers because I’ve warned you!!) can figure out how the story could go from the comparisons.

Both books are already in the local libraries so if you really want to find out what happens, go take a look!

P/S – With all these books we’re reading, HSWG/ AdCrew may be thinking of just coming up with book review podcasts and stuff. Just a thought.

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