Joelyn Speaks: Activities – NERF Mission Zone 2010

For quite some time, the Adventure Crew had all thought about doing stuff like paintball and laser tag for a long time. But because of the expensive nature of those two sports, we’ve decided to switch to something that came into the picture quite recently (two to three years recent kind of recent).


For those who have no idea what NERF is about, it’s basically plastic/ toy-like guns that shoot foam bullets. And somehow or rather, their creators and fans have made it into a sport. The Ad Crew was just there for bullet hell. Or to shoot bullets, whichever sounds nicer.

Sarah, Mintea and myself went for the earliest session of the NERF Tournament, just for the fun of it. Avariel came to watch just after our briefing. Needless to say, we were the only female adults there again (except for one other girl and she was super PRO).

Briefing of the obstacles.
The weapons in question. We got to test them out first.
Yeah, couldn’t resist. Even though it’s essentially a fake gun.

So yes, after the testing and briefing and stuff, we headed to the holding area before the course itself. In a nutshell, the NERF Tournament course had four main segments. The first of which was similar to that to a close-range firing range. We rocked in that one. Three cardboard men in front for you to shoot from a distance.

The first part of the course.

The second part of the course was similar to that of those funfair kind of style where we had to assemble a NERF Recon CS-6 and shoot as many of the NERF cans off their pyramid structure. The third aspect of the course had two parts, what we had to do was to use a NERF Longstrike and shoot point cards placed on “tree stumps” and “tree branches”.

We had a problem here because well, heavy target, foam bullets. You do the math. Not impossible though.

The point targets we had to knock down.

The last section had us all excited because it was kind of like one of Panic Museum’s bonus missions, where you had to destroy as many souvenirs on the shelves as possible. This stage, however, needed us to knock down as many NERF cans as possible on shelves. Nice.

NERF can in question.

In the end, we didn’t get into the Top few scores but manage to get scores over 700. Not bad for people who don’t play NERF regularly. Heck, I don’t even have a proper NERF Maverick (Similar to a barrelled handgun) to begin with. But we all came to this conclusion, “gun” handling aside, our aim pretty much rocked. The only reason why we couldn’t get more points was the fact that we didn’t “charge up” our bullets enough. Oops.

But all in all, I would say we had fun as usual. Heck, we were only there to shoot bullets because it’s a change from the usual arcade shooting. Regardless of gender and all that.

Though it was quite funny how the emcee was there going, “NERF is for both guys and girls!!!” like he’s making some kind of gender equality statement. DUH. So I don’t see the need of going all “ooo you’re weird!” just because we’d rather spend time on NERF than nail polish.

P/S – I don’t really understand why some guys have to go about fussing about how NERF is “a guy sport”. Dude, you’re holding a plastic gun and shooting foam bullets.

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2 thoughts on “Joelyn Speaks: Activities – NERF Mission Zone 2010

  1. I have a theory about guys all getting “macho” about NERF.

    Think about it, to an outside observer, a Nerf gun would be seen as a toy – bright colours, safe plastic and is found in the toy section of the departmental store. So, the guys don’t want to “lose face” about playing with toys, so they act “macho” about it. Which is really dumb.

    But then again, that’s just my theory so I maybe wrong.

    1. Let’s look at it this way, it’s like how Mintea, Sarah and I looked at the poster and go, “Oooo he looks so intense but it’s essentially a plastic toy,” and some guy’s ego gets crushed just because, when they probably have better things to worry about. ~ Joelyn Alexandra

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